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Whats the strongest type of weed?

Asked by ctimm15 (371points) May 23rd, 2011

I want to know what strain of marijuana is the strongest like, Purple Murple, Northen Lights, Pineaple Express. Oh and by the way, yea I’m a stoner haha.

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My vote goes to Jack Herer.

I have been smoking weed for 11, almost 12 years now. I have been planting the stuff for about 6–7 years.

The best I have smoked, and best I have also grown has been Jack Herer.

It’s THC content is about 15% to 20%, so not technically the strongest. I have smoked stuff that allegedly had 24% TCH on paper, but in practice, nothing gives me a buzz quite like some well dryed out Jack Herer.

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Have you ever tried Train Wreck that’s probably the strongest I’ve ever smoked that stuff knocked me off my feet haha.

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I have never heard of it, much less tried it. I think there are just way too many strains to keep track anymore.

I could have maybe smoked some, I have purchased 100’s of bags over the years without knowing what strain it was.

The most common ones I smoke are Super Skunk 11, AK47, Blueberry, Jack Herer, and recently Pineapple Chunk.


Pineapple Chunk is also very very potent, but I find it has quite low yields compared to say AK47. You are lucky to get 40 grams from a plant. (indoor)

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Is Pinapple Chunk like Pineapple Express, because Pineapple Express is probably the best tasting weed I’ve ever had.

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Personal preference, body & mental state at the time, environmental factors including people you are with ect. can all greatly effect the affect.

One can get so many opinions over the same question, or even the same weed!



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Ive been able to find it twice and it was absolutely amazing. THC content is 30%. I have a glass jar that I got some in over a year ago and it still reeks strong as the day that I got it. And its such a different type of high than any other weed ive ever smoked. Its like adventure weed instead of couch lock weed but its super adventure. One hit and its like smoking 3 blunts of kush. Agh i hate that I even answered this question, I want more now :(

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Did someone get the Cheech and Chong reference?

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I smoked Lemonade after 5 months of not smoking and got fucked up. White Russian is good shit, too.

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Since it has been years since I’ve been anywhere near the stuff, I’m sure anything I found would blow my head off.

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I had this really weird weed the other day. It was like red and purple, pluss it was from jamaica. Don’t know what it was called, all I know is after one cone I couldn’t stand up haha.

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Alaska Thunder F**k.
You should see all the weird tourists coming up here, with their pansy weed, and trying some of ours. It’s hilarious.

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Oh my god…. I just had this yesterday. Id have to agree with you there. Its amazing. Not as good as headband IMO but pretty fucking close.

And what a name. I mean like I feel like im smoking weed grown by Thor.

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Hahaha. That’s hilarious. xD
Love your name by the way. :O

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