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What are the two sides to your Fluther story?

Asked by bob_ (20063points) May 23rd, 2011

It is said that there are two sides to every story. The same thing looks different when seen from a different perspective. Does that apply to you, here on Fluther? We all read the same responses, and yet we form very different opinions. We all have friends and people who don’t like us (“enemies”, some may say).

How do you believe you are seen? Why do the people who like you, like you? Why are others not fans of yours? Are you an acquired taste? Or are you simply the way you are, and to hell with it?

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I have amazing friends and amazing enemies for the same reason: I speak the truth exactly as I see it, and I don’t give a shit what anyone else thinks.

That makes me an abrasive, abrupt, blunt, stubborn, opinionated, rude bitch. I take quite a bit of getting used to, and no one will ever see my generosity or loving heart if they don’t take the time.

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I can actually be pretty sarcastic sometimes.

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I have great friends and I admire the hell out of the jellyfish. I’ve gotten swell feedback which would embarrass me to recount here even when I don’t think my response completely through and I think I look like a total tool.

On the other side… Ok. Who doesn’t like me? Step forward and let’s take this outside. No, it’s raining. Later then. :)

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I am not a good person nor am I a bad person. I’m just something in between. Let just face it that no one’s perfect. I don’t believe they’re many decent people these days (if there’s one) and I don’t like hypocrisy and I’ve seen much like that. I’m just being myself most of the time and sometime for something I can’t explain to the public. I like bad people since I always believe they’re two sides of one’s life,bad and good. I suspect those who are always try being good or claim that they’re good people.

For the same reason I left fluther for awhile and went somewhere else… because of what I think how I was treated here.

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I don’t pretend to be anyone else but me and I don’t worry too much what others think.have made some good friends here
If you don’t like me,I am alright with that too.;)

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I lean Republican which puts me as the odd man out more often than not. Outside of political discussions much of my answers are a direct reflection of my personal convictions and there are other times I let Cruiser have a little more fun than I would otherwise do in my real life. ;)

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There is no story, i’m here, I ask, I answer. If you like this shit then cool. If you don’t then fuck you arsehole…. that’s cool too! :¬)

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One side is all about helping others and their list of apocalyptic, homework, relationship, and “what is this movie” questions.

The other side is all about eating pieces of shit like you for breakfast!!! OM NOM NOM.

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I’m so perfect everyone loves me, flowers wish to smell as good as me, and babies wish they were as adorable as me.

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@Adirondackwannabe…as good as I… as adorable as I.
Sorry, had to do it since it followed the words “I’m so perfect”! Nothing personal :)

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My other personality is that of a grammar Nazi.

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@Blueroses I was raised by wolves. Just for that I’m giving up on your 10K congrats. I was late so I was trying to come up something special. Now I’m just going to sulk.

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Some people see me as a complete goofball, which I am and others see me as an impossible bitch, which I’m not.

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Aww @Adirondackwannabe I was not disputing the well-known facts that you are adorable and smell divine.

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Someone told me I come off as smart and together. I think I can be a bratty smart ass.

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I have a third side to my Fluther story, but you don’t want to hear it.

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I’m never good at these kinds of questions. It’s hard to be fair. And I really have no idea what people see in me although I do know they see things in me. Maybe like some kind of crystal ball? With that snow stuff swirling around and little paper reindeer.

On the other hand, I think I tick people off occasionally, by saying things as if they are true when really I’m just making them up. Although recently some woman got really pissed off at me for reasons I don’t understand at all. I was trying to help. Other people said I was trying to help. But she insisted that I was making fun of her or something. Maybe she didn’t read what I wrote. Maybe I was writing not very clearly. Not that that would be any different from most of my answers. I come back and reread what I wrote sometimes, and I have no idea what I was talking about. If I have no idea, I can’t imagine how it is for you.

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I’m actually a very caring, thoughtful person, despite the excessive sarcasm and irreverence I often display.

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I see myself on Fluther as droll, kindly, and literate. I have a fairly broad knowledge base with a few deep pockets. I like to laugh. And I have been humbled enough by life to see wisdom where I might not have seen it before.

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I think I’m still pretty neutral on here…

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Most of the time I just speak my mind, and when I check in later am surprised to see so much lurve for what I say. Seriously, when typing out the answers, I never even think people would like or love what I say.
I don’t like being too offensive either, if I disagree with someone, I’ll put it in a very subtle way, which won’t come across as offensive. I don’t know why people like me to be perfectly honest… Maybe they’d tell me? I’m really not sure….

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Some people on the left think I’m a right-winger, some on the right think I’m a bleeding heart lefty, and both sides have the same knee-jerk reaction when their sacred cows are slaughtered. I guess some people can’t read profiles. The people who like me are the ones who can see through that bullshit and just get at actual opinions and logical arguments.

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I know exactly what not to do in relationships, based purely upon my own hideous experiences of having done exactly those things when I was young and getting scr*wed over, dumped and publicly humiliated. The people that like me seem to appreciate my trying to give them a heads up. The people that don’t like me, prefer to get scr*wed over, dumped and publicly humiliated of their own accord, like it’s some sort of rite of passage that they simply must experience first hand.

Other people that don’t like me probably assume that I have a life-sized sculpture of Fran Drescher in my living room, carved completely out of cheese. If only!

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Eh. If you rub someone the wrong way early on, they are likely to look for reasons to find fault or frown upon the things you say moving forward. If you get on someone’s good side early on, you might get some grease if you say the wrong thing to them later.

Needless to say, I’ve pissed some folks off, some have pissed me off, I get along fine with most, and really like some.

The haters probably think I’m a vulgar, arrogant asshole. No arguments there. Others probably think I’m funny and reasonably intelligent.

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I give down to earth, heavily opinionated answers in a straight forward manner. Some people really like the help I give, and don’t hesitate to say so. Others say I come across as arrogant.

One user takes particular exception to much of what I say, and takes every opportunity to make snide remarks about it, usually by PM.

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Again, I always answer questions like this with “I don’t know.”
That’s the truth. I’m not really sure what most people think of me. I’m assuming that the fact that it isn’t obvious to me that people hate me means that they don’t, but, I’m sure that there are a few.
I’m genuine, I’m honest, and I have a big heart. If those things shine through, that’s really all that matters to me.

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@ANef_is_Enuf Trust me, those things shine through. =0)

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I have no idea. I guess I’d have to ask a buncha people on here what they think of me. Otherwise I’m just guessing, albeit that would be guessing on a source, but who knows how valid my interpretation would be, based on that. But sometimes it’s funny the shit you learn, that people have said about you, and I’d really rather not think about it. XD (even if it’s positive haha)

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@Symbeline I lurve you :D
You’re deffo one of my fave jellies around here.

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The two of you together @queenie and @Symbeline give me hope for the future. Not all youth is wasted!

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I have no real sense of myself. Stop, that is not a solicitation for opinions.

I would like to think I have emotional depth and capability but realize I am a real hothead. Blame it on birth order, I am the youngest of eight boys and have had to fight all my life not to be pushed around. I should just put it right up front that I’m not a people person.
I very much understand something @willworkforchocolate said ”no one will ever see” who I am “if they don’t take the time”

To explain what I am like, two compliments I recall receiving stand out. A good friends of mines teenage daughter said, “Mom, he’s so goofy he’s cool.” The other was a compliment my wife paid me, she said, “I was one of the most emotionally capable man she has known.”

There you have it, maybe I have little sense of myself because I am as much of a paradox as I sense I am.

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@queenie your real! You’re as smart with your heart as you are with your head, and you’re a smart girl. You have no guile, and that’s why so many of us adore you. Always be you @queenie, always be you and this world will be a better place.

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@Season_of_Fall Thank you ^-^ I will

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@queenie You’d better, or I’m kickin’ your ass. :D

@Kardamom isn’t gonna help me, nope, not her, definitely not…>_> ’‘whistles’’ :D

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@Symbeline Does some licking and keeps on ticking ;-)

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@Symbeline Oh, you said kicking not licking. My bad.

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@Kardamom Oh GOD!! That is totally not what I meant lol. LOL ..and uh…I just saw your second post…licking…yeah that…lol you’re awesome. XD
But the first thing…the whistle was an innocent whistle, meaning that you’re in this with me, on kicking her ass if @queenie stops being herself, but making it look like you weren’t, by whistling…I wasn’t calling you like a dog lol now I feel so bad. XD

…this is probably the funniest fuckup I’ve had on here for quite a while. :D

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You can’t lick @queenie- she’s a minor!

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@Symbeline OMG! This is all too funny. It’s like a bad sitcom car crash mixed with a big shoe wearing, funny-walk guy balancing on a tightrope with a cream pie in his hand. Look out!

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@WillWorkForChocolate Oh, I don’t mind really… I didn’t even realise they were talkin bout lickin me

Berserker's avatar

@WillWorkForChocolate So?

I mean…erm…looks like it’s back to jail for me!

@Kardamom Yeah that pretty much defines what went on lol. Add samoe maurauding zombies in there and that’s it perfectly. XD

@queenie My favourite Popsicle flavour is @queenie

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I’d love me some @Symbeline flavour lollipop :)

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@Symbeline OMG! I’m telling Mom!

Berserker's avatar

@WillWorkForChocolate Well okay…let me get her…oh sweety, someone wants to talk to you.

..I didn’t go too far, did I? :D

WillWorkForChocolate's avatar

ROFL I’ll get you for that. Eventually.

Berserker's avatar

Looking forward to it. ^^

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I lurve @WillWorkForChocolate‘s answer, ditto that for me!

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I’m truly honest.

A lot of folks don’t care for that.

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I honestly don’t know who likes me and who doesn’t.
I had one pissing contest years ago with someone over intellectual property rights and copyright law but other than that, no beefs with anyone.
I posted above how I see me. I haven’t the foggiest how others do.

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I think I am seen as an occasionally witty know-it-all with an erratic mix of compassion and callousness, insight and impulsiveness. Knowledge and numb-skullery. Sometimes I like to pick fights, sometimes I like to just agree to disagree and walk away amicably.

I am what I am, and if others think that I am insane then so be it.

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How do you believe you are seen? I honestly don’t know. I’d love it if someone told me. I try to be friendly, so hopefully people see me that way.
Why do the people who like you, like you? I’m not sure. My SO says I’m an “acquired taste”...
Why are others not fans of yours? Probably because I’m an acquired taste.
Are you an acquired taste? Apparently.
Or are you simply the way you are, and to hell with it? That too. I like boobs, weed, and chocolate. I also love God and am caring and articulate.
It used to be important to me that people liked me, but now it’s just important that I’m myself and don’t bend to fit in with others.

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I had forgotten to answer my own question.

I think some see me as a funny, witty guy who has a knack for concise, clever answers. On the other hands, to others I’m a sarcastic asshole who seems to be unable to put together a paragraph and won’t shut the hell up about those damned sandwiches.

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@bob_ It isn’t that you won’t shut up about the sandwiches, it’s that you insist on talking with your mouth full.

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@Blueroses Well, you keep asking me to say your name.

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@bob_ Quit being a sarcastic asshole and go make me sandwich!

bob_'s avatar

@WillWorkForChocolate Is that a foot-long turkey sub for you in my pocket or am I just happy to see you?

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@bob_ Oh, I hope that’s mayo on that sub

WillWorkForChocolate's avatar

@bob_ Why don’t YOU tell ME, big boy? Come into my boudoir to view my etchings. Bring the sandwich with you- we’ll be hungry afterward.

bob_'s avatar

@WillWorkForChocolate I’m not 100% sure what a boudoir is. Can I bring @Blueroses as my interpreter? She understands French, I think.

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It’s true. I learned how to French in the 6th grade

bob_'s avatar

Oh la la.

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@Season_of_Fall adds back ground music to enhance the moment: Voulez-vous coucher avec moi

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Blunt, yet, sincere. I mean what I say. I am not an ass kisser, either. I am genuine and truly care about some of the people here.

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@bob_ Yes, please bring @Blueroses with you. I’ve been wanting to french speak with her for quite a while now.

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@WillWorkForChocolate Good thing she’s bilingual.

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