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What's the most beautiful thing you've ever seen?

Asked by AshLeigh (16325points) May 23rd, 2011

Could be anything. Your spouce, your child, a certain area. A dream, an animal. Literally anything.(:

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There is way too much to pick from!
One can find just about anything beautiful in what mother nature has to offer,people,places,things….You just have to take a closer look sometimes.
Then there is art…....:)

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Justin Bieber.

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And my mom. :)

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I’m going to have to be extremely predictable here, but it’s true damn your eyes!!
My son & daughter when they were born absolutely lit up the room, which I then doused with all my blubbery tears. It’s twoo I tell thee….it’s twoo!! ;¬}

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Various natural wonders, women, and cars, as well as multiple other things.

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Myself, in the mirror. ~

The most beautiful thing I’ve ever seen was St.Basil’s cathedral. It’s my favorite place to go even though I’m not in any way a religious person.

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I knew someone was gonna say cars. Haha. YES! I saw this beautiful lime green truck yesterday. I fell in love. :D:D:D<3
Hehe. To be expected.(:
Wow… Just wow.
Exactly. :D:D:D
Haha. “Myself in the morror” that made me laugh out loud.(:

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Oh come on everyone loves Justin Bieber.. Right?

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AC-130 raining hell down on some people that were out to hurt me. At night in ‘Indian’ country it is a beautiful thing.

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The Chicago skyline, at sunset, or during the day. Any time really.

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My partner and my children.

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It is a toss up between my youngest son breathing on his own after an emergency c-section and my husband’s smile on our wedding day.

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That’s sweet.[=
Those are both VERY good ones. :D

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@AshLeigh Just for the record, I was completely kidding! :)

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... No. :P
Haha. I know that, silly. It was still funny though. ^_^

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At my age I have seen a lot of truly beautiful things and it would easiest to say the first time I saw my sons, or the smile on her face….many others.

But there was the time I scuba dove the reefs off Roatan that really wowed me. I will never forget the pristine beauty of those reefs. Magnificent!

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I must say though, the wife’s head bobbing up & down “in my lap” runs it a close second XD

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Sunset. Trust me, it looked phenomenal.

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WHOA! Haha.

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@AshLeigh Her exact words ;¬}

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Years ago, my dad had open heart surgery to help with his Parkinson’s. After the surgery he was able to do things that he couldn’t easily do before. Things that most of us don’t even think about “losing” like walking, driving a vehicle, etc. His speech improved, his writing ability improved and so did his reaction time. He was able to literally think quicker and easier which allowed him to answer questions faster and overall have better communication. He was so happy to regain some of his lost independence which was a very beautiful thing for all of us to witness.

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O_O. Just O_O.

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I went here some five weeks ago and it was so beautiful, i was close to tears.
It is a village on a Greek island that i regularly visit but i had not seen it in full spring colors before.

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My children. By far.

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@zen Awww, Jailbait.

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Way too much to consolidate, but, a few of my favorites:

My beautiful white geese grazing and napping on the lawn
The area I live in, the river, hills, and my pasture, with 300–500 year old huge Heritage Oaks.
Warm, moonlit summer nights outdoors, stargazing
Morning Glory buds unfolding on summer mornings
The sunset through the trees at dusk

My most treasured beauty is right here at home. :-)

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Pictures of our planet Earth in space.

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My car after a grueling 3000 foot 8 mile climb out of a deep Sierra Nevada canyon.

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Wendy’s hamburger after backpacking 6 miles then driving 30 miles on an empty stomach, due to a bear having eaten our food the night before.

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Such a great question! And the answer is myself! I’m charming and beautiful and a bit narcissistic.

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It was early morning in Nags Head, North Carolina, and a couple of us were creeping along a boardwalk in a marsh in order to espy birds. On one side, there was a spiky, leafless bush, and a large swarm of dragonflies were horizontally hovering all over its branches. It was the most beautiful thing I have ever seen.

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A golden sunrise shining on the face of Mount Dhaulagiri, in the Himalayas.

Lake Tahoe.

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I’m glad you like that image of Lake Tahoe so much, queenie. :-)

In addition to its visual appeal, there’s nothing more refreshing than playing frisbee in a meadow on a warm summer day, and then diving into a pool of emerald green water.

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@Brian1946 You are making me jealous… I so want to go there now.

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No need to be jealous- although the Sierra Nevada mountains are a wonderful place, I’d say that the Alps have some fantastic mountain lakes and resorts, and you’re probably no farther away from them than I am from Tahoe.

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@Brian1946 tee hee ^-^ True.

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I love Tahoe! My family had a cabin near Emerald bay for years. Great childhood memories.
I’m about an hour and 10 minutes away now, a nice, middle of the road zone. :-)

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It’s gorgeous but that water is pure snow pack…so cold it’ll suck the breath right out of you. Some of the more shallow beach areas you can swim, a little, but not for long. Icey cold Lake!
Once, I jumped off a pier about 50 yards from shore..I don’t know how I made it back to shore! lol

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My wife, when she walked down the aisle to marry me.
I have never seen anything that took my breath like she did.

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@RocketGuy Which trip was that one? I must have blocked that experience out.

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@filmfann That’s one heck of a moment, isn’t it?

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That’s way sweet, and romantic. :D
Hope she can still take your breath away, that way.(:

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The ocean with a powerful storm on the horizon. The colour of stormy ocean blue is just so… comforting and peaceful to me.

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@queenie @Coloma

“My family had a cabin near Emerald bay for years. Great childhood memories.
I’m about an hour and 10 minutes away now….”

Now that’s something to envy!

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“Once, I jumped off a pier about 50 yards from shore..I don’t know how I made it back to shore!”

Impulsive youth! I bet you jumped into the blue part of the water.
My Tahoe motto is, “When it comes to swimming, go for the green!”.

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@Rarebear – I thought we called it Young Lakes in upper Yosemite. We started at 9000 ft and got up to 11,000 ft. We visited several lakes, and did fine for 2 nights. The last night, bears got our bear bags and ate all our food, including a full container of squeeze Parkay. I was so mad I wanted to track down that bear and eat HIS food. After a few miles of hiking I realized a burger, fries, and shake would be much better than bear food. On the way home, when we saw that Wendy’s…

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@RocketGuy Oh THAT trip. It’s all rushing back to me now. Yes. I agree. Seeing that Wendy’s made me believe in God again.

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recently I was searching for a beautiful beach dress for myself and what I came across here was marvelous to me. Seriously, I was damn excited to get the stuff of my choice and I immediately planned to buy it anyhow. Well my boyfriend liked it too. I never saw such an elegant stuff for beach. Most of them are sexy and naughty types..but I am fortunate that I got my choice at last.

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Yes, impulsive youth, and a 20 year old heart too! lol
And, those big boulders under the water, creepy, like giant turtles or something. Yep…never jump into the ‘blue’ water!

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Mystic mountains covered in cloud and pristine lakes. The rest of the world just simply seem to look pale and duller after seeing these two.

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The Scottish hills in all their moods.

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Answering my own question:
The way my best friends eyes looked when he first smiled at me.=]

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A naked woman.

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You would say that.

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Well, it’s true.

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I would have to say, as of now, it’s the ocean for me. I recently visited the Oregon coast with some of my friends and it was breath taking (no cliche intended). I have never before seen a body of water than I couldn’t see the other side of, so it was really exciting and cool to see. And Oregon is really wet, so everything around me was lush and green and it smelled amazing!

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The ultrasound picture of nephew/niece to be.[=

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I would say the birth of my little sister, but let’s be honest. It wasn’t beautiful, it was slightly disturbing. I’m just saying. The concept of birth is beautiful, but witnessing the actual thing; I’m not sure beautiful is the word for it…

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Each & every morning I wake up alive!

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