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Has anyone tried the juice master ?

Asked by johnnyc299 (376points) April 24th, 2008 from iPhone

I need to lose a few pounds and I recently came across a guy called the Juice Master. He has a weight loss program where you only have juices for a week and you can lose seven pounds. Has anyone tried this and how did you find it ?

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no but tell more!!!! I hope someone knows of it

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Yes, I owned a juice master II years ago. Different guy, different machine. But juicing is essentially all the same. To assume that you could lose weight on a strictly liquid diet probably has little to do with the fact that you are consuming vitamins. Lots of people who juice claim to have lost weight. I didn’t.

However, I can provide my personal experience. When I first started, I did it off and on for a bit. No big deal. It was pretty tasty, but I hated all the work involved. Eventually, I started buying tons of fruits and vegs, and would juice a weeks worth in one sitting, then put it in a glass jar in the fridge. I did this for about 2 months, and I got seriously hooked. I was doing mostly 1 combo… carrots, apples, radish greens (not the radish, just the top part you normally throw away), a handful of parsley, and handful of kale.

Kale and parsley are well known to be jam packed with an insane amount of antioxidants, not to mention being utterly disgusting. But mixed with 20 times as much carrots and apples, you barely notice. This combo made really nasty looking green liquid. It was really quite sweet, much like you’d expect from apple and carrot juice.

Anyway.. after a couple months of regularly consuming this stuff, I realized that everyday when I chugged a glass, I’d get a natural high!! Similar to a red bull type of buzz, but obviously much healthier. I particularly noticed that my mental alertness would improve a ton. Writing software at the time, I really got in to a rhythm with the stuff, and found it helped me work. Liquid brain food!

That is about as much as I can tell you. Drinking nothing but juice for a week seems like a bad idea. Regardless of how healthy it is for you. You wouldn’t pop vitamin pills and drink only water for a week would you?

“how do you find it?”

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Yes I did years ago its hard to clean an you don’t get as much juice as my Jack Lalane power juicer. I lurve my power juicer.

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I had the Juicemaster Jr. and juiced only carrots; but I loathed cleaning it and finally gave it away. For kale, steam shreds and throw into a good soup.

Same old boring advice on weight loss; slow and steady. 1 to 2 lbs per week; eat food, eat less, eat plants. (No white food except cauliflower.) Input< output.

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OK from my knowledge I need to set a few things straight.

The man you’re talking about is called Jason Vale and he self titles himself ‘The Juice Master’. Moulinex picked up on this and made a Juicer called the Juicemaster but its nothing to do with Jason Vale.

Jason now endorses a Philips Alu juicer I believe as its the best centrifugal on the market according to the Good Housekeeping Institute and other tests.

He has written 7 books one of which is called something like 7lbs in 7 days super juice diet, and is a 7 day programme about helping people get healthy, those that do the programme lose on average about 7lbs.

I would really check out his website though, because there’s a lot of testimonials on the book page talking about people who have done it really successfully, here it is

Good luck if you do it, I’ve done Jason’s 14 day Turbo Charge Programme and I must say its brilliant. I also own a Philips Alu and its a great machine too and is just rinses under the tap of goes in the dishwasher.

About Z_Malloc’s point about popping vitamin pills and drinking water, there’s a huge difference in an article I just read on Jason’s site have a look:

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i realize the whole argument about taking to many vitamins, and that fresh fruit and vegs is more rapidly absorbed in to your system, the cellular wall, etc…

i still stand by the statement though :)

humans were designed to consume solid food, as well as liquid. this is not a design flaw.

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