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When is the last time you were truly excited?

Asked by ANef_is_Enuf (26789points) May 23rd, 2011

I took some photos of a tornado tonight, and as most of you know I am an avid storm watcher.. so I was like a little kid at Christmas. I am still bouncing off of the walls 2 hours later.

When was the last time you were really, emphatically, unable to contain yourself, excited?

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About 2 nights ago, when I was poking around on Youtube and realized that there was one episode of The Nanny that I had not yet seen. A Fran and Maxwell smooch that I had missed. Yum.

And about a week ago, a friend returned from his vacation with a wedge of jalapeno gouda cheese just for me from an artisan cheesery (is that a word?) OMG! It was luscious.

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That cheese really does sound good. Yum.

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I have lots of little enjoyments quite often. One of my favorite times in recent memory was spending time with a college friend in FL. Giggling and Vitamin D. Really good.

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i coached basketball for 3rd and 4th grade girls. The had fun and learned, but never got to taste victory all season.
Finally in the final game of the season, they tied at the end of regulation. The battled and ties at the end of first OT, then tied second OT. Third OT and down by a point with 8 seconds left they brought the ball up and a girl banked one in for the win.
I was seriously excited for the girls and many of them were crying in tears of joy.
Such a great moment.

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The last show we played. I predict it’ll happen again this up coming show. It’s gonna be so awesome! I’m already excited about it.

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When they got Bin Laden.

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My fiancee and I recently rented an ATV and went exploring the fire ranger trails of our favorite getaway area. I’d never been on one much less driven one so it was a blast for me.

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Excited good or excited bad? My oldest grandson was in a car collision a couple of months ago, and taking him to the Emergency room had me way too excited. Then, my youngest grandson fell and hurt his head, so I was off to the emergency room with him just last week.

They both turned out to have very minor injuries.

Excited good – this is how dull my life is; I was excited because we finally called in an electrician to fix the botched Do It Yourself project that left me with no overhead lights in my kitchen or family room for months. Now I am basking in the light, YAY.

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I could tell you, but then you’d have to go into the witness protection program.

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Last Saturday, and also right now. Good things are happening :)

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2 weeks ago when I sent our 4 pieces of my writing for submission! I sent out 6 more pieces today! :-D

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Right now. My excitement is growing. I’m going home in four days after six months away!

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When I found a great opportunity to get into business which I was awaiting since long..

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I love riding my motor scooter and in this traffic, it is truly exciting every time I get on it. No kidding, every time I ride anywhere and feel the wind in my face and weaving in and out of traffic, I feel like a teenager on their first solo excursion. (I am a simple soul, it doesn’t take much, heheheh)

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Last night when i decided to go to a Jelly meet-up. Things have been pretty awful and stressful, the plans to do something completely for fun has been bouncing off the wall.

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@JilltheTooth that would make me bouncy, too. How did it go?

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The one with MissAusten was lovely, and her daughter is a pip! The one I’m talking about here is the meet-up with Auggie, Janbb, Marinelife and Chyna in two weeks. A weekend away, a road trip, finally getting to know these girls in person, Woo Hoo! Truth be told, I’m a little nervous…will they like me? but very excited!

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Oh my gosh, I can’t fathom anyone not liking you. That sounds like lots of fun!

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Last night, I won’t give the game away, but it involved myself, the wife & a Mexican dwarf named Guido!! Phew, he make a da spicy meatballa! ;¬}

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@JilltheTooth Where are you guys meeting? Washington?

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Out in the wilds of West Virginia…gee, I hope they’re not just luring me there to shut me up and scare me into never Fluthering again! Creepy serial killers I could handle!

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I’ll send flowers. Have fun!

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Sheesh. Now I’m excited for you!!

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I’m quivering with anticipation and giggling a bit!

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@JilltheTooth Two words: Deliverance!

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Thinking I should dust off the banjo! “Two” words, Wundy? Cute…

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Actually, no. Thought you were just being your regular cute self. What did I miss? <embarrassed, now>

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What is the character of the WV hills country characters in Deliverance?

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<Promises not to kill Jill and bury her in the woods.>

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@augustlan : As long as the woods are pretty and I’m under a nice tree, that’s OK. As long as yer nekkid and whip-wielding at the time, of course!

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That can be arranged. :p

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Just a word of warning there, @augustlan , I’m planning a Zombie rebirth. Pants and all!

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get a room

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