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Parents: How does it feel when one of your children graduates?

Asked by KateTheGreat (13635points) May 23rd, 2011

My sister is graduating and moving in a week. My mother will be left with an empty nest.

I was wondering, how does it feel when one of your children makes that final step? Do you miss them a lot? Do you feel like the time just flew by?

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I miss mine a lot. I try not to be a pest because I know they have their own lives. Sometimes I wonder if I give them too much room; my youngest complains of being lonely, but managing that is part of growing up. I miss the way they were; I miss the relationships I had with their friends and the parents of their friends. It’s weird to think that all of the work I did in the theater and at the schools just ended.

A long time ago I read an essay in a parenting magazine that said there are a lot of “last times” that you don’t realize were the last time until they are way past—the last time your child walks with you and holds your hand, the last time you pick them up and carry them, the last time you cut up their food, the last time they give you a sloppy kiss and tell you they ove you more than anything…

Leaving left a hole in my heart and my life.

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@BarnacleBill Awww. That made me cry a little. :( That’s so sad!

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I never felt such relief as when my son graduated. It was by the skin of his teeth, but when it was done, I felt I had lived up to my obligation as a parent.

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@filmfann I’m glad that he graduated. I hate when kids just flunk out.

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Pretty damn good, especially when they head off to college.

one down, one on his way, and a little girl that is shaping up to outshine them all

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Children, grandchildren, nieces, nephews, I am always happy for them. We never had an empty nest for long, so that part I don’t know about.

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@KatetheGreat, when I told my youngest that, she told me I can still cut up her food when we’re home if it will make me feel better, but she is not holding my hand when we’re out in public! Made me laugh.

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@Blondesjon That’s so cute!

@BarnacleBill Awww, that’s really funny!

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@KatetheGreat My husband didn’t tell you the university our oldest attends is only 17 miles away and he spends every other weekend with us. ;) We don’t spend as much money on food when he isn’t here, that is nice! omg, that boy can eat

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I was proud but also a bit melancholy when my son graduated 8th grade last year. It hit me he’d be away at college in four short years, and my daughter a couple years after that.

When my son was 11, we were on a trip to Washington DC. At one place he wanted me to see something, and came over and grabbed my hand the way he did when he was little. He had not done that in years. I had to fight back tears and just enjoy the moment.

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As if it were me.

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Bittersweet. I’m beyond proud and happy, and I like my empty nest of course, KatawaGrey is only 20 miles away but I’m stilled stunned at the passage of time. 20 minutes ago she was 3! What the hell happened???

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