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What do you think future generations will miss out because of technology?

Asked by willbrawn (6614points) April 24th, 2008

It seems to me that kids dont play outside as much as they did when i was little. Kids have xbox’s and playstations to keep them occupied. Will kids in the future ride there bikes still? What will they possibly miss out on?

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How far in to the future? Far enough, and I’d say being an organic intelligence. Check out this book.

The Singularity is Near

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absolutely! Memory is gone because they don’t have remember anything! Phone numbers, facts, directions,etc…

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and proper sentence structure (i.e. using chat speak)

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I’m not sure if technology is the problem so much as the parents. I had a computer when I was 7 and a Nintendo at 10. I still spent most of my time running around with kids from the neighborhood.

I think the 24 hour cable news cycle has feared parents into keeping kids inside. The xbox the parents buy is to keep the kids from complaining.

edit :: sorry. I realized I didn’t help with the question.

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I think technology is the problem and the time is now. I was walking my dog through the woods on a trail at sunset. The sun was filtering through the trees; insects were buzzing and singing the sun down; an owl perched in a tree hooted hello to me. I got such pleasure watching my dog’s joy as he bounded from smell to interesting smell, always coming back to check in with me. Early on during the 30 minutes I was there, I encountered a guy on a cell phone trudging behind his dog. Since we were going in opposite directions, I ran into him again near the end of my walk. Thinking of all the sensory pleasure I had experienced during that time, I knew that he had probably noticed none of it. For me, that is the encapsulation of the problem. Technology connects us to other technology, but unplugs us from our world and our lives. Recently, a University of Central Florida professor asked her class to give up their Web connections, cell phones, iPods, and electronic games for a week. For many if not all, it was traumatic. Here is the newspaper story:,0,3686295.story

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I don’t know…disease we now have cures for, slow Internet connections, breaking down on the road without a cell phone.

I am kinda possitive about the whole technology thing. But I can understand how many are not.

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There are many places to see the stars, but they grow fewer and fewer.

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As long as they can reflect on the sunrise and sunset and see the stars, then what goes on in the middle may still have some meaning…

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