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Do you think that we could... Take over the world?

Asked by jellyfish3232 (1849points) May 24th, 2011

Think about it. Here we are, probably the most intelligent community on the Internet, when we put our minds together. If everyone were to chip in some money and thoughts, we could overshadow all the other foolish humans and rule them! Of course, getting past the government’s military technology will be difficult. We’ll need people that work on the inside. I know that we have them. Once we have the government officials quivering in the corner, and have taken control of their technology, global domination will be ours to share! The plan isn’t too far fetched, is it? Anyone got any ideas?

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All we need is the orange tree.

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Fuck yeah, I know….let’s have a barnstorming session!
On second thought…..... ;¬}

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Why stop at one world? Why not go on to other planets and other parallel universes? What’s to stop us? The orange tree?

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I like the way that you think.

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I call dibs on West Europe. I get to have full control of western Europe or I’m out. I don’t care what you do with the rest of it, so long as I get to convert Spain in to a giant mansion.

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Eh, improbable but possible, especially if you only mean take over the world governments. However, getting the hearts and minds of the people, that’s much harder and the only example that pop into mind is when a horror that threatens the world pops up. and not even really then.

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We are too intelligent to want to rule the world.

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You’ll have to share West Europe, but Spain is yours if you want it. Just let me visit the mansion.

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With the orange tree as our weapon, nothing can stop us.
Not even the banana tree.

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So true… We just need to find it and capture it’s mystical essence.

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Oh, sure. Because we agree on everything and would have no trouble deciding among ourselves what to do. Piece of cake.

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Well, we would need to elect a leader. Me? No, I’ll need to wait a while until I’m accepted enough to carry that sort of power. I think our leader should be @wundayatta. I’ll just be the second in command. Or a faithful pawn.

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under the orange tree.

Officially. It quacks like a duck.

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I want anarchy, so this ain’t gonna work out fellas.

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Those smart enough to lead are smart enough to stay out of it.

and that’s assuming we’re smart enough.

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What we would need to do first is get the power of the world’s satellite power grid. Then we could have the hold world at our fingertips. If they did not corporate, we could send certain sections of the world back into the dark ages. True we would need to somehow get rid of the government forces but that could be done very easily by like you said having someone on the inside to disarm and destroy the forces which would be holding us back. We could do it very easily if we just all joined together and united as one.

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That’s the problem @Jeruba brought up. We don’t cooperate. We need a leader.

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@jellyfish3232 exactly, and cooperation is so 1990’s

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@jellyfish3232 yes I agree we would need a leader. The most reasonable way to find a leader is to find the one who would have the most knowledge about what to do and when.

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