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Are fluther questions chat room names?

Asked by Ltryptophan (10293points) May 24th, 2011

Do people use fluther questions to host what are basically chat rooms?

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What is the question?

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What? I’m totally confused.

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sorry for the confusion!

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Although some questions in Social have become somewhat chatty, I think the intentions of most questions are to either get information, opinions, or creative views, without the OP necessarily being involved in whatever chat happened to develop.

The only questions that I’ve seen with a primary goal of generating chat, were invitations to join the OP in the chatroom.

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Interesting observation @Ltryptophan. I would consider the games questions to fit that description.

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Ah, with the change in details, I understand now. I have to agree with @Brian1946. I see “social” and “meta” questions with more “chat”, but I don’t think jellies typically post questions with the sole intention of chatting.

Except for the “game” questions. Good point, @jonsblond. I don’t mind those questions at all, but they are definitely all about having fun and chatting.

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Some of them are or seem to become that way. So what?

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Well, maybe some Social questions are started because the OP is lonely and wants some interaction and so begins a game thread or a topic that is purely designed to elicit fun responses. I definitely spend most of my Fluther time cruising through Social and Meta questions because I like getting to know how people think when they aren’t being too serious.

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Well, I think a comparison can be made yes but.. there’s a difference between chat rooms and message boards. Fluther is better described as a message board.

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Thats what the social section is for isn’t it?

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Some questions certainly do take on that role and get hijacked as mini gab fests. Why not just go to chat instead?!?

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I don’t know, I rarely engage in those stupid game/fill-in-the-blank/create-your-own type questions. Most of my time is spent in the General section where the real questions are.

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True @erichw1504. You are well known for your serious nature. On a low to high scale of 1–10, I’d have to rate your pedantry a…. oh, I don’t know…. a 1?

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@Blueroses Thank you, I try my best to keep this place clean and solemn.

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