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Can you help me find an image of 3 peacock feathers so that I can get them tattooed on my foot tomorrow?

Asked by Simone_De_Beauvoir (38956points) May 24th, 2011

Pretty self-explanatory. I had this vision of three peacock feathers being drawn (tattooed) over the top of my right foot and I’m searching for an image that would be great to show to my artist tomorrow since I have an appointment to do the analemma (woot Anathem!) behind my ear. I figured I can find the perfect picture quicker if you guys help me out. All help is appreciated!

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All i have is two.

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Here is a tattoo of three peacock feathers.

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@Jude Did that, thanks. @marinelife Yeah, saw that, awfully done tat – hopefully I’ll have better results, thanks!

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Wow, the sacrum tattoo that comes up in @Jude‘s search is beautiful. What a pretty idea for a tattoo, I hope you’ll post pics.

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I’m having a hard time finding a picture with 3 feathers that would actually fit on your foot.

But here is one neato tatoo on someone’s arm that might help.

Here’s one on a foot but they would have to make it a lot smaller, if you want 3 feathers.

I like this one of the breeziness of the feathers

Here’s one on an ankle that is getting closer to the right size for 3.

This one on a woman’s shoulder is really pretty too, and your artist could probably add more of the “eyes” and make the whole thing smaller for your tootsie.

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@Kardamom Yes, that first one is closer to what I want. Let’s see what happens. I want to have them be small and long and perhaps with another pattern and I want them colored in deep reds and yellows.

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Top of the foot ?

Major OUCH.

(But then I am rather a chickenshit where pain is involved :)

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Why not get the whole peacock?

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@Pele Have other ideas for the rest of my body, that’s why

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