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In Charlie the Unicorn 2, what are the blue and red unicorns saying to that giant Z?

Asked by Theotherkid (884points) April 24th, 2008 from iPhone

If you havn’t seen the Charlie the Unicorn videos, I strongly reccomend watching it. (can be found on youtube and

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Charlie the Unicorn 2 is out already?

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I have no answer for your question because I haven’t seen the 2nd one yet, but what is it that the white horse says at the end? “They stole my liver”?

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@Zack in Black
Are u sure u want me to tell u?
Spoiler: at the end the other horses end up robbing Charlie (they took his tv, lamp, carpet, and some other stuff.)

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Please tell me, I watched it several times. I just don’t get it.

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Hey I have to watch it on youtube because I’m on an iTouch, and that link doesn’t work because it doesn’t have java.

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Its completely not related to the plot. I understand what it means, but im having a little trouble translating. Give me a few minutes and ill have an answer. From my first listening, they were talking about the man with the sombrero, and that they are envious of him.

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@Zack in black

Just click on the link to the youtube page below where the movie is. (or where it should be.)

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OK, heres the translation. “we are jealous of the man with the sombrero. We read many histories and” im sorry, my spanish isnt the best, im having trouble with the last line.

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That’s a funny line lol.

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The man with the hat sent us!
He told us many amazing stories!
Tonight we dine on turtles!
They will be so good!
I am happy!

(Is what I was told).

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Maybe a native speaker of espaƱol will have an easier time. I am only a student of the language, but I am fairly certain that dining on turtles or happiness are not mentioned.

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Yep @phoenix that is what it says (it’s quite difficult to understand as they are saying the words as how they are written not as how they are supposed to sound.)

Spanish is my primary language.

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Ok, thanks pheonix. It did sound very strange to me too. I’m not a native speaker, so when words are pronounced wrong I have some trouble comprehending.

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Who doesn’t? =)

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The man with the hate sent us
He told us many wonderful stories

tonight we dine on little turtles
They will be delicious

Im happy

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Man with the hat I mean. Typographical error.

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The man with the hat sent us.
He tells us many amazing stories.
We will dine on turtles tonight.
They sure will be good.
I am happy.

Im positive this is the translation. I am fluent in both spanish and english.

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