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Which conspiracy theories do you personally believe?

Asked by Vunessuh (16709points) May 24th, 2011

There are conspiracy theories centered around famous deaths (Marilyn Monroe, JFK), centered around paranormal activity (UFO’s, aliens, Area 51), centered around disease and health (chemtrails, man-made diseases, drug company deceptions), centered around historical world events (9/11, Pearl Harbor, the Apollo moon landing) and some of the most talked about conspiracy theories these days (The New World Order and false flag operations).

Here’s a pretty complete list of the most well-known conspiracy theories to date.

Are there any that you think are completely true or are inclined to believe? Maybe you can’t think of any that you positively believe, but perhaps there are some that fascinate you? Please share.

I’m also open to hearing about the one’s you think are the most ridiculous as well as the one’s you’ve heard that have kept a relatively low profile.


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Oh here we go! ::grabs the popcorn::

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I don’t know if I believe it, but I suspect that the universe is a virtual reality on a really huge supercomputer, and we are all separate AI programs.

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I believe we are all mold spores growing on a superior creature’s leftover chicken cacciatore, the sun is really the refrigerator light and I live in fear of the knowledge that someday they will clean out the fridge.

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If I believed them, I wouldn’t see myself as a conspiracy theorist, would I? It’s just… what I believe.

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Roswell, Aliens and UFOs in general, and that the US government knew about the impending 9/11 attack but intentionally did nothing so they got a pretext for the invasion of afghanistan.
Also, that the US government intentionally lied about WMD’s in Iraq. But that is more of a conspiracy fact that theory.

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If i would tell you, i would have to kill you.
All of you.

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Good luck, I am behind 7 proxies!

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@MyNewtBoobs I’m asking about something you believe in that is currently defined as a conspiracy theory. It really is that simple.

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I’m friends with a bonafide die hard conspiracy theorist on facebook, and they post some of the most obtuse stuff I have ever seen… everything from chemtrails (which always makes me facepalm) to how fluoride is being used to control our minds, to how radiation from the Japanese nuclear plant that got fucked up by the tsunami is slowly killing us all and this sort of thing just makes me wonder how anyone can live a fulfilling life believing all of this stuff. It must be awfully depressing.

With that in mind, there are very few conspiracy theories I give any credence to. Do I think that the George W and/or the US Government orchestrated 9/11? Hell no. Do I think that Obama is a secret commie Muslim? Nope. Do I think that a secret cabal of bankers and elites pull all the strings from behind a curtain? Hardly, though I do acknowledge that there are people who have a lot of pull.

The only conspiracies I give any credibility to are more mundane, less grandiose, and often corporate/economic related conspiracies, like the GM/electric car thing, and others. And I attribute a lot of conspiracies to Hanlon’s Razor

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I believe that Princess Diana’s death was not an accident.

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I don’t know if I believe in any conspiracy theories. I think people like to make up conspiracy theories just to get people riled up.

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Whenever I hear about conspiracy theories I think of this

Excellent question but no, I don’t believe in any conspiracy theories

Well, perhaps the one @Blueroses put forth :)

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Some believe global warming is a cover for US gov’t weather control technology. I am not among the believers.

I think there are unanswered questions about 9/11 I’d like to see answered rather than ignored. Further, although we can’t exactly call it a conspiracy, I don’t like the conflicts of interest that Dick Cheney had regarding the war in Iraq. Similar allegations about the Bush family too. Which reminds me of the Smedley Butler allegations that a bunch of wealthy industrialists, including Prescott Bush, approached him about overthrowing FDR to instate martial law. I neither believe nor disbelieve that one.

I believe in life on other planets, but think ti’s unlikely that beings would travel this far only to stick probes up the asses of farmers and fuck with their crops.

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Elvis killed JFK and is living on a UFO with Princess Diana.

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banging Jim Morrison

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@noelleptc – She’s there, too. She’s one of the pilots and is getting high on that last bag of Plutonian Nyborg in the transmitter compartment.

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@noelleptc – Of course! Who do you think scored the good stuff? :-p

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I believe the CIA killed JFK
I don’t believe conspiracy theories about 9/11, MLK, John Lennon’s assassination, or Floridation.

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My uncle believes that crack cocaine was invented by the US government and distributed on the streets by the CIA to encourage urban gang warfare that would create a culture of fear and distract people from everything else the govt. is doing.

He thinks meth is the same thing.

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Oh, what about all the stuff that got said about Obama after the election? How he’s a Socialist/Nazi/Muslim/non-US citizen? Those are some recent popular conspiracy theories. Really dumb too.

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American Idol is fixed! Survivor is fixed! Miss America is fixed! They’re all fixed! Google is Big Brother!
Seriously… I get the creepie crawlies every time I hear about Haliburton and the other “citizen security companies.”

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@linguaphile – I want a Haliburton Survivaball.

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@linguaphile – Nine out of ten corporate CEOs endorse them for surviving the coming runaway global greenhouse disaster and resulting mass famine :-p

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wishing kevbo was here for this Q

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@HungryGuy that’s almost as cool as the haliburton weather machine.

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Man did not land on the moon.

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I believe the current atty general got the BATFE to export 100’s if not 1000’s of semi automatic weapons to Mexico so they would turn up down there and then It could argued that US gun dealers are contributing to the violence there. In fairness, this is really a bit more of a fact than a real conspiracy but i had to say it.

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The spirals in the sky seen over Norway, Russia, Australia, China… were not missle tests.

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I don’t really believe any of them. People have big mouths.

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@woodcutter that one is true.

@chyna really?

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Freemasons actually pulled off 9/11 in order to focus the world’s attention on the Middle East thereby allowing them to fully develop the H1N1 virus and incapacitate the Mexicans who have learned the hideous truth about Tom Cruise and Amway.

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I’m likely to believe the conspiracy theory that George Bush was really a cyborg that now has a new skin in the form of Lady Gaga.

Seriously, I know it’s just crazy to think the Apollo landing was staged. Too many people have to be involved they say. But that documentary about how it was staged was quite convincing. I hope to watch it again soon if I can find it.

Now is there a conspiracy theory that Jesus’ disciples agreed to say they saw him even though they did not? If there is I’m inclined to believe that.

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One of the dumbest ones ever: Holocaust denial ...I mean really?

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JFK/Exploding head/Oswald/Book depository/Grassy knoll/Ruby/Warren commission/Stone/Costner/Get the fuck outta here!
Something just don’t smell right….& I don’t mean granny’s slippers!

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I believe in the magical muffin elf! Wow, can’t imagine that I found this… a comic I had in high school!

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Oh, Oh, I also think aliens really hate cows!

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@Fiddle_Playing_Creole_Bastard Yeah, “operation fast and furious”.... I’ll also add that Obama was in on it and is getting cover. Either he was in on it or he should have known….either way. If you believe he was out of the loop then you might also believe the Pakistanis didn’t know about Bin laden’s house.

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That pizza was actually invented by Italians. Not Pizza Hut.

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