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What are effective ways to start dog walking?

Asked by NKH12 (192points) May 25th, 2011

If you are a dog walker, how did you promote your business, gain clients, etc? What are effective methods to do so?
For pet owners, what would you want to hear from a potential dog walker?

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1. Print business cards.

2. Pass the word for your services at local veterinarians, groomers, upscale pet food stores, etc.

3. Have a Web site.

4. Email all of your friends, former colleagues and acquaintances and let them know you are starting a business.

5. Go to nearby apartment complexes and leave cards in the office (put fliers up on bulletin boards if they have those).

6. Put fliers up at grocery stores and other places that advertise community businesses.

7. If there is a free shopper’s weekly newspaper in your area, offer to write a column about walking dogs. (What to do when you encounter other dogs on leash and off; how to keep your dog from pulling on the leash; etc.)

What I look for in a dog walker is someone who is responsible (comes on time for appointments, etc.), someone who genuinely likes dogs (pets mine; talks to them).

Good luck. I wish you were in suburban Maryland, because I need a dog walker in a couple of weeks.

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Love the response!
Any recommendations on prices?

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@NKH12 It depends on what the going rate is in your area. In this area, I have paid anywhere from $10 a walk (with a second dog and extra $2) to $18 a walk for two dogs.

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I think putting up flyers on telephone poles and traffic poles in the neighborhood you want to work in is the way to go.

That way, while people are walking their dogs, they can see your ads for someone else to walk their dogs for them.

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Maybe post on Craig’s List.

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