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Which human finger is used more than any other?

Asked by john65pennington (29235points) May 25th, 2011

I asked this question in reference to a fall my wife had in our kitchen. At midnight, she was cleaning dust off the top of our fridge. She was standing in a wabbly chair and the chair gaveway with her. She fell and hit the wood kitchen floor, on her right little finger and broke it. Her doctor said it would heal on its own. Little did we realize how important our little fingers are. She does not dust at midnight anymore, Her doctor further stated that the human little finger is used more than any other finger. Its mostly for balancing our hands. I never thought of this in this manner. Question: do you agree with my wife’s doctor, that our little finger is the most-used finger on each hand?

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Well, he’s the one with the PhD, not me.

And what the hell was your wife doing dusting the top of the fridge at midnight? That’s like eating lasagna for breakfast: weird.

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I would have guessed the thumb…

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For some people it’s the middle finger.

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I would think it would be one of the first two fingers, or as @ANef_is_Enuf said, the thumb.

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The pinky because more people live in China and that’s the finger they use to swear.

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He may be the one getting paid but I say he’s blowing smoke. Balance your hand? Ridiculous.

Here…Let’s rewind the day and watch in fast forward. Which fingers did I use to do each task?
Brush teeth, shave: Thumb and index finger (pointer)
Toilet paper: Same as above (Please don’t think too hard about it.)
Zipper: Same as above
Shower and soap up: Thumb and palm
Towel off: thumb, index, middle
Check email: space bar every 5 characters and center keys: thumb, index and middle
Enter key every sentence or capital letters: pinky
Eating knife and fork: thumb, index, middle
Holding a glass: thumb, index, middle . Pinky up if you are classy and refined.
Pushing the TV clicker: Thumb, index
Racking my 1911 (Happy Centennial):Thumb, index

That said, I broke my little finger once (left cross) and noticed that everything I did was connected to it. Ouch.

Conclusion… He’s full of it.

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I’ll go with the middle, it’s the one that sticks out the most. lol

Toes on the other ‘hand’ toes always get crushed. Ouch!

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Ever since the mobile phone, it’s got to be the thumb. But then, according to my younger self, the thumb is not a finger…

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I don’t think a certain finger is used more than the others.
As worriedguy said when a finger is missing then and only then you see it’s all related to it ^^

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