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Do you read your horoscope?

Asked by Gruz06 (811points) April 24th, 2008

I sometimes read mine (Gemini) just out of curiosity.
Just wondering if you guys do to, or if you believe them.

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occasionally… but just for a laugh or out of curiosity like you mentioned… i would never take it seriously though!

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I don’t, there is no point. I read one once and was disgusted. Private message me if you want to know what it was. Plus, I’m a Christian so I would never let a horoscape tell me how my day will go.

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Not me. Those writers don’t know me. Why would I trust them?

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I do – I have a lot of anscedotal evidence that corresponds to me and those I know – but I’m on the Gemini/Cancer cusp so i get to read two… If it’s good I think about it, if not think of any humbling implications but take it with a grain of salt ;)

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@nocountry2: So you’re superstitous? (Sorry if I spelled that incorrectly)

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I don’t read mine, but sometimes I read others. They’re all equally bullshit.

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I don’t read my horoscope but I do read the I Ching.

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Superstitious? I hardly live my life by my horoscope – it doesn’t influence my decision-making in anyway, I just find it amusing. I also own a black cat, jump on cracks and break my compact mirrors like every other day…

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No. I prefer to make up my own. Its far more coloirful and accurate. Today I will be stressed to meet deadlines at work but towards the end of the day things will look up and I may feel like celebrating – it is Friday…

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Another Gemini here. If I do read, it’s Rob Brezny. Beyond that, though, I have had my chart done via Stephen Forrest’s web site, which does all your signs (all the planets, etc and describes the relationships between them). Interesting reading for those who’d be interested.

those who’d be interested.

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I’ve always read my horoscope and have consulted astrology in the past. It’s always beenhit or miss, although I do consider myself a textbook Cancer. This story from the Telegraph UK states that scientists have proven astrology doesn’t mean much:

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No I don’t – they make it up.

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I knew a guy that was born on the same day, month, and year as me and within a couple of hours of when I was. We were almost nothing alike.

I occasionally read my horoscope for entertainment. I think it’s fun to pretend to read someone their horoscope and just make something up.

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