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How do you discard empty prescription bottles with privacy in mind?

Asked by drdoombot (8135points) May 25th, 2011

Someone brought this question up to me recently and it was something I never thought about before:

If you don’t want anyone to know you’re taking a particular prescription medicine, but your name is printed on the bottle, how do you discard it so that your privacy is protected?

And while we’re at it, how do you hide your bottles/pills so that no one finds out what you’re taking?

Looking forward to hearing some creative answers!

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Peel off the labels and shred them.

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I routinely peel the labels off and crumple them so their sticky sides lock them shut. They peel pretty easily, as if they were intended for removal.

As for hiding what I’m taking, no, I never do that. As a matter of fact, I think it’s better if others do know, in case they have to act on my behalf in some fashion.

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You can take a thick permanent marker to your name.

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We separate our garbages here (in the Netherlands), also the glass in collected separately, so i can toss them in these things.
Nobody has that long arms to go snoop around in them.

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Most scripts I don’t worry about. If I am worried I black it out with permanent marker.

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I usually rip the labels off the bottles.

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I fold the labels sticky side out over and over so won’t come unstuck. Then I throw those away in the cat litter. Nobody wants to go in that bag! The bottles and lids are usually #5 plastic, which our county recycling service will not take. I save up anything that is #5 and take it to Whole Foods Market. They then send it to be recycled.

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That’s exactly why God made Sharpies.

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There is a new system now.. you can go to your local fred meyer and they give you a prescription return bag. While it doesn’t help with them potentially knowing you take the drug, they will dispose of it safely and in an enviro friendly way. They do ensure privacy. This isn’t done by fred meyer, cant recall the name of the company.

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@Rarebear That’s exactly what I do. Take a sharpie over the prescription number and my name and pitch it in my trash.

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Peel off label. Throw anonymous bottle in recycling.

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I’ve been using a thick Sharpie
Permanent marker for this for years but I black out everything except the date. I can tell which pills are which by the shape and color but the orig. date is important I feel.

When I do discard the bottles they go in with the used cat litter.

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Peel off the label and use the bottle to hide a geocache.

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@Blueroses Get out of my brain! I also use the bottles and make my own fake prescription labels on adhesive labels and use them (with cotton in the bottles) to make clever gift packaging for items like earrings. Could be a great way for a guy to propose . . . .

Usually I add some warning label going sideways on the bottle (in addition to the main label) such as “May make you dizzy” might be apt for an engagement ring . . .

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Take all personal info off the bottle.

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peel off the label, use the bottles for garden seeds, saving small items in the junk drawer, nails, etc.

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I never worry about stuff like this, if someone really wants to dig through all my little bags of trash, inside my big bag of trash, somewhere in the landfill…well, have a blast!

“Loook…we can steal this persons identity off of their prescription bottle, all we have to do is wash off the rancid cat litter and cole slaw and leftover baked beans…what a FIND! lol

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An engagement ring in a bottle of Xanax…now THAT is a proposal.

Leave out the cotton. lol

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