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If Fluther wasn't a free service, would you pay to use it? How much?

Asked by jellyfish3232 (1849points) May 25th, 2011

I think that the founders are very generous for keeping Fluther free. What a great service. I think that most of you would pay a montly or yearly fee, right?
Don’t get any ideas, though.

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No, I’m extremly cheap. My friends call me Mr. Krabs.

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I wouldn’t have when I started, I might now, if the fee was really really low.

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Nope. There isn’t any website I’d pay to subscribe to.

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Not a chance.

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If I was a total noob? I wouldn’t care enough to pay real money.

Now that I know a lot of people here and care about them, I might shell out a little.

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No, that would spoil it somehow.

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We pay already, in a way, with our contributions.

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Hell no. I’m cheap.

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Nope. I’m poor. I lurve you all, but there’s no way I’d pay for Fluther.

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I’ll pay if I can charge for my time at the usual and customary billing rate. Deal?

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Wow, I’m surprised by your answers!

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@jellyfish3232 Is gonna pay for us all :-)

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But you guys get free rooming in a mansion!

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Nope. There are just too many other sites out there that offer similar things for free for me to consider paying to continue using Fluther. I love the site, but I can’t imagine paying money to use it.

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What, with real money? Hard earned cash? Not in this life or any other!

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Sure I like this place, but I wouldn’t pay to use it.

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Can I pay with my lurve. Me no have no money:=)

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When a site’s content is almost entirely user-generated, it makes no sense to pay a regular fee to use it. If the site were in trouble, I’d gladly make a donation; but I wouldn’t pay just to be a member.

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I thought you guys were so enthusiastic! I would pay to use it! But maybe I’m just a financially irresponsible teen.

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I think if it meant the difference between Fluther going down the tubes or staying up, many people would make a small donation to a “save the site” fund, if it would have an appreciable affect. I don’t see most paying a regular fee to use the site, though.

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For me, it doesn’t have anything to do with enthusiasm. I love Fluther and I visit the site every day; I’ve made some great friendships here and I love being able to get all kinds of opinions on just about any topic. It’s that I couldn’t afford to pay for it. If I were rich, then sure I’d pay. But every dollar counts.

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Fluther keeps its site free because of the help that is created by using it. Of course it costs money to maintain Fluther but they gain that money by advertisements and by selling Fluther products.

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Yes. Probably as much as one of my magazine subscriptions.

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If Fluther did charge money to use their services, I can see a lot of their community leaving.

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You meant charge, right?

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My bad. Yeah I meant charge

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My answer was already given. I’d make a small one-time donation if it meant keeping the site going, but I don’t pay for anything on the internet. There are always free alternatives and I could see the jellies all moving en masse to a different site if they were upset by new policies.

Hey. Isn’t that how a lot of you got here in the first place?

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Nope. I’d find some other way to get in touch with all of the people I enjoy here.

And run off to the askreddit section of reddit and start living there more than I already do.

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No. This came up with Some of us paid a subscription fee and waited to see if any moderation would be introduced to recover some of the integrity of the site but it seemed like a death knell instead.

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I would have when this was a place to solve problems. Now that it is poll questions I would rather buy a burrito.

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No. I wouldn’t pay for any Internet site.

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I waste enough time here, I certainly don’t need to pay for it. If Fluther was no more, I would not follow everyone to another site. I would keep Fluther a somewhat happy little memory and get on with my life. I have other ways of keeping in contact with those I’d want to keep in my life.

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Dude, I don’t pay for porn, you think I’d pay for this?

Which is not to say that I don’t love you guys.

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I’m with @bob_ on this one. Besides the bill for my internet provider, I don’t pay for anything I look at on the internet.

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Wow. I thought you guys loved it here.

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We do, we’re just cheap bastards.

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@jellyfish3232 Part of the reason we love it so it the “free” part.

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Good point, Yarnlady.

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