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What is the fluther mansion?

Asked by TheIntern55 (4260points) May 25th, 2011 from iPhone

I was just recently hooked on fluther and I hear people talking about the fluther mansion. What is it?

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It’s the secret name for the insane asylum that they put the Fluther addicts in. Usually when their lurve hits 10k, but shhhh, don’t tell. ;)

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Welcome to Fluther. The mansion is an imaginary construct for where jellies who achieve 10,000 lurve points go to live.

Here is a thread speculating on what it looks like.

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The mansion is where fellow Jellies go to “live” when they hit the 10K Lurve mark.

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It’s a figment of our imagination. It’s a place we live in in our own minds. You can make it as grand and beautiful as you like and you can send us pictures. I just moved to the Mansion and here is my lovely living space.

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Don’t believe a word about pancake parties and fully stocked desert tables. It involves much needed straight jackets and padded rooms.

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It’s a place where the dream machine is ne’er out of order, where one knows not famine, thirst or disease, and where the Sun always shines. It is where we laugh and be merry…until the zombies come. This is a big place, it takes forever to board up…

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Thank you. I’m now calling it the fluther asylum.
It sounds better than the asylum I’m in though.

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As of this post, 176 jellies have made it to the mansion, so it might be quite crowded.
Hopefully those who have 20,000 or more lurve have moved out. ;-)

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It is a wonderful place. Plus, they have really great ham sandwiches. And the women are beautiful.

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Where’s Bob at?

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The 10k mansion is a place where Fluther fans can escape.

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Why thank you @josie! ;)

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It’s a place that was made-up just for fun, for jellies once they hit 10,000 lurve points.

I just moved in recently, and took up residence in my personal chocolate wing. I named it the lurveshack and had it decorated in keeping with my name. You can sit on the furniture, but you can eat it, too. =0) Fluther also gave me a new car and had a pool put in for me.

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It’s where the magic happens.

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@AmWiser Your space is beautiful. I’m really happy in my Steampunk Suite

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It’s a place of worship, similar to a church but not so many bible bashers.
Hang on a minute…..

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It’s where all of the nekked pancake parties are held.

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