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What do you think cream soda tastes like?

Asked by Seelix (14886points) May 25th, 2011

You know, that pink pop. I have a can of Fanta cream soda, and it says “No artificial flavours or colours, Made with real fruit”. I don’t care about whether it’s made with real flavouring or not – I just don’t get what it’s supposed to taste like.

The ingredients list concentrated grape juice and “natural flavour”. I don’t think it tastes like grape, or any other fruit, for that matter. What do you think it tastes like?

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Carbonated Cream with a soupcon of mystery.

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Hmm…how to describe…it doesn’t really taste like any fruit, really. Kind of tastes like what I imagine liquid vanilla icing on cakes would taste like.

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Have you ever had a root beer float? It’s a root beer with a scoop of vanilla ice cream in it. When you get down to the last bit of liquid that is a mixture of the two, it’s sort of tastes like that.

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The cream soda I like is a light brown in color and tastes like vanilla.

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To me it tastes exactly like those bright pink or orange sugar wafer cookies. these things.

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@Blueroses Aaah goddamn do I ever hate those things lol. Especially the pink ones.

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I think it tastes like ice cream.

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I think it definitely tastes like vanilla.

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I agree with vanilla and, remarkably, so does Wikipedia
But the origin of the drink is curious . . . I also like that there is variability in this beverage around the globe (South Africa’s green version was particularly interesting to me).

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Maybe we have a cultural conundrum here. Maybe Canuck Cream is diff from Yankee Cream. A point to ponder.

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Most of the time it’s pink, but I remember having A&W cream soda once and it was clear, and definitely had a vanilla flavour. I think I’ve also had Jones, which was clear. Their orange cream soda is the bestest!

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The kind we buy tastes like a buttery sugar cookie. It’s a tan color

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Good cream soda to me tastes like vanilla. I like Jones’ soda.

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Vanilla, although I though the color was light brown.

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The only kind I’ve had is A&W Cream Soda, and I agree with @Pied_Pfeffer that it tastes like a root beer float.

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I’ve never had any cream soda that tasted like fruit at all, maybe they’re just using the grape juice as a sweetner, instead of sugar. It generally tastes like vanilla with maybe a tiny bit of a lemony hint to it.

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Cream soda isn’t supposed to have fruit in it 0_0

Cream soda is my favorite drink as per this question and it tastes kind of like vanilla.

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vanilla. pass the can again please…

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Vanilla cotton candy is what it taste like to me.

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actual: vanilla
metaphorical: summer

And old fashioned, glass bottled cream soda (in the US) looks like clear (slightly yellow) root beer. We have it at he farm I work at.

My favorite of the sort, however, is birch beer.

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Oompah Loompah’s mouthwash?

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Tastes like vanilla to me. I like Dr. Brown’s version.

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