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What is your most favourite drink to drink?

Asked by MilkyWay (13745points) May 25th, 2011

It can be anything. From coffee, to milk, to orange juice, to beer. I just wanted to know what drink you would have at home, at work or whilst out for the night. What’s different about this drink from the others which makes it your favourite?
Personally I have an obsession with milk :)

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Coffee and beer. If it doesn’t affect me in some way, then fuck it lol.

But I actually also love milk a whole lot. I know they say you’re not supposed to drink it when you’re thirsty, but there’s nothing better than a big ass glass of milk when I’m thirsty.

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Coke, innit.

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Vodka and lime.

Who would have thought?

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@queenie As opposed to my favorite drink to throw at people? :)

Iced tea or beer.

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Non alcoholic: Iced tea.

Alcoholic: Guinness.

I also like Kahlua and cream, but it’s too heavy to drink more than one or two of them

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@HungryGuy Mmm mmm Guinness :D
@Blueroses Would you like to tell us what drink it is that you like to throw at people?

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@queenie Nothing beats a banana daquiri for tossing. It’s thick and has great sticking time.

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@Blueroses Lol! Genius XD

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I love a few different beverages. In the morning, my favorite is coffee. In the evening, water or white wine. If I’m congested or have a cold, tea with honey, lemon & whiskey.

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Firehouse Brewing Company’s Strong Arm Porter.

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flavor varies based on mood, time of year, and economic situation

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There are some great dry Breton ciders that I really like. I have no idea why we can’ t seem to make ciders of this caliber in the States.

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Whole milk, but I don’t anymore, because it’s too fattening.

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Coke. Cane sugar coke preferably. 40 degrees no ice.

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@JLeslie Comin right up…

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My most favorite drink not to drink is beer, with coffee as a close second.

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Some of the best Coke ever is at the Coca Cola museum in Atlanta. A must see.

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Oh my, anything? Really? Why thank you lol. I like water, orange juice, beer, and various alcoholic drinks.

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@gailcalled . . . no beer or coffee? this is never going to work . . .

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Coffee, coffee, and more coffee.

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Starbucks Venti Sugarfree Vanilla Late No Foam Whole Milk, if hot out then same thing iced with whipped cream….mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm

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As opposed to my most favourite drink to what… throw? lol

It’s a tossup between coffee, soda and water.

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Freshly brewed iced tea with no sugar or lemon on a regular basis.

Mango Lassi if I’m lucky enough to eat at an Indian restaurant.

And for a special breakfast I love freshly squeezed ruby red grapefruit juice.

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@Blondesjon: I thought we had worked out our differences

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I just noticed that I answered the same way that @Blueroses did. That’s either really neat, or just plain creepy!

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@WillWorkForChocolate I married my husband because we both ordered Coke no ice on our first date.

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Starbucks Pike Place
The Prisoner

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Water. I hate any kind of fruit juice (orange, apple, grapefruit, etc)

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H20, wine, beer, whisky and coffee and tea. Probably in that order. I like freshly squeezed OJ, too.

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Sparkling water, iced tea, masala chai, hot black tea, and various boozes. Whole foods had pre-chilled iced teas just waiting to be taken right by the cashier, and one said “mango ceylon”. It’s like they’re in my head!!!

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@MyNewtBoobs You just reminded me that I used to love Snapple Rain (agave nectar drink)
I literally cried when it disappeared from the shelves.

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Cream soda. Moonshine is a close second.

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Vodka and pink lemonade.
That Starbucks strawberries and creme drink and I ask them to put a banana in it.
Cherry ICEEs.

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@Blueroses I believe you. That sounds delicious. I stopped by Whole Foods to ask when they’d have their poblano lime vichyssoise, and they looked at me like I was crazy that I would actually inquire when it would be around, not just sorta “oh, it’s here, that’s cool…”

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My most very favorite thing to drink is an ice cold Coke from a can. But I don’t drink it much because I am fat enough as it is. I drink lots of Diet Dr. Pepper and coffee.

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tap water

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@Fiddle_Playing_Creole_Bastard Is it Dr. Browns cream soda?

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My favorite nonalcoholic drink is mothers milk, preferrably draft.

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@noelleptc Bubble tea is the weirdest drink in the world! It’s like sweet… but then there’s this pile of reptile eggs in the bottom of the glass.

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black coffee

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@JLeslie, never had Dr. Browns. IBC is typically what I drink.

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Dr. Pepper

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Jack & Coke with a wedge of lime, easy on the ice

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Um Bongo!
They drink it in de congo apparently.

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@JLeslie, Do regular grocery stores stock it, or is it more of a specialty?

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@Fiddle_Playing_Creole_Bastard In the norheast and FL you can get it in regular grocery and every Jewish Deli. In other parts of the country it is more of a specialty. Pastrami on rye with deli mustard and a cream soda, so good. I think Pepsi owns it now. You might like Sidral also, which is a Mexican apple soda. I can buy that at Walmart.

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@JLeslie God that sounds good…. I have had Sidral before. I like Jarritos too, but I think that’s different. Checking out the Jewish deli today. Thanks for the tips!

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frozen water surrounded with bourbon

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Whole milk is my absolute favourite. I also always have Lucozade (the fizzy kind) in my house.

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I’m gettin parched…

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I could use a nice glass of merlot tonight, chilled

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@mazingerz88 Not just because of the name, but I love that drink too. ^^

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Coffee, Beer, and Coke

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Nice. :)

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Coffee and rootbeer =)

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Btw, isn’t “most favorite” a redundancy?

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@AstroChuck: No more so than “your most unique food to eat”...hey, as long as everyone knows what you mean.

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