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Did anyone see a short doc. - THE GEFILTE FISH CHRONICLES?

Asked by gailcalled (54575points) April 24th, 2008

It was shown on PBS here the first night of Passover. As a Jew, I am still laughing. Three 80+ sisters spent 6 weeks cooking from scratch for the meal.

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No, but now I wish that I had.

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It did not make UNC-TV, here in the hotbed of Judaism. North Carolina!.

A blogger I like to read told a story of having to drive to the small town where his daughter attends college because she could not find matzot in this town, appropriately named NoJewsville, PA.


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They fed 100 of their nearest relatives, argued about “too much” or “not enough” salt, ground 89 lbs of raw white fish and carp in an ancient grinder that broke down. One of the weeks was spent, I think, in trying to understand the manuel that came with the new grinder.

Then there was the Cholent contest. One sis made it on top of the stove; the other in the oven. Oy, the bickering.

Everyone stays over night and the sisters turn out platter after platter of matzoh brie.

End crawl and credits are of a particularly Jewish humor. Visit http:www// for the DVD and the cookbook. To make soup, “pluck and clean 18 chickens.”

The NYT review is almost as funny as the video.

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@Gail Your link wouldn’t work, so I thought I would help you out!

I lurve you!

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Thank you. I should be in bed; but a funny, funny site.

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