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Do you remember what you did on the 28th of March 2011?

Asked by rebbel (31966points) May 25th, 2011

Or the 4th of December 2010 for that matter.
The reason I am asking is because in police tv shows and of course in real life, the police officers are asking suspects this question.
To verify if they may be had an alibi for the time frame in which the crime happened.
And I am always stunned to hear/see the suspects recollecting the things that happened on that given date easily (in police shows anyway, I don’t know about real life police/suspects).
So, would you be able to recall what you did months/weeks or even only some days ago?
Or would you have to check your diary?
Or would you have to say tot the officers/detectives: I dunno…..?

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Most of my days aren’t individually that memorable. Unless, something really special happens, or I guess something awful.

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I would have to check my diary. But I think they are referring to a specific date that the “event” happened on – thus it has been discussed many, many times before.

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I’ve always questioned that as well. No, I couldn’t roll of what I did for either of those dates off of the top of my head, much less what I ate yesterday.

Have you ever seen the movie Twelve Angry Men? It addresses the subject of memory, both from the perspective of the accused, the witnesses, and the jurors. It’s a brilliant movie.

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I might be able to figure it out based on my cell phone records, debit card activity and Fluther/Facebook activity on that day. No way in hell I’d remember on my own, though.

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I’m pretty sure I had a few beers.

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I don’t even remember what I had for breakfast this morning.

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Well, that doesn’t look good for you @Blondesjon because we found some beer botltles on the crime scene :-)
So it is diaries and other media that need be checked i see.
Memories like sieves (like mine).
I will check that movie @Pied_Pfeffer , thanks for directing me to it!
Edit: Wow, that movie is old….

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December 4 is my birthday, so I can tell you exactly what I did on that day.

Our lab is studying people who can recall every day like it was yesterday. It’s pretty impressive. They can tell you what they did, what the weather was like, what day of the week it was, etc. for almost any date they were alive.

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I recall I got up that morning…and I went to bed, I went…wait no I did not go to work because I work for myself and work has been on vacation so I cleaned the house because I have become a clean freak….OMG I totally did it! WTH. It just occurred to me they could just tell me they have reason to believe I’m guilty and I’d prolly not have a fighting chance....WAIT Dun dun duuuuunnnn  I was on Fluther…Whewww  thanks flutherites

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I can’t even remember what the hell I just did two minutes ago, ociffer.

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I don’t think i would be able to recall something from long ago. It would depend on what day and year it was.

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@nikipedia Saw a documentary about that once. Very impressive. I don’t know that I envy them, though.

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@nikipedia I’ve seen a documentary once about a guy in America who got smacked in the head with a baseball bat (if i remember correctly) who after that incident had that condition.
It was a series of docu’s on savants.
Interesting research you do there!

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@rebbel I know the feeling! Seriously! I got whacked in the head with a baseball bat I went opposite though I can’t remember much.

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I’d only be able to recall what happened off the top of my head if something special or out of the ordinary happened that day. Otherwise, I’d have to look at my calendar to see if I had anything written for that day. If there’s nothing written, I would probably not know for sure what I did since it would’ve been a pretty typical day for me.

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Ah, i forgot to mention something important: in this question of mine, you, the suspect, are innocent.
Were you guilty you would have it easier (i assume) to recollect the events.
Some answers you gave reminded me of it.

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March 28th was a Sunday. I spent all day on Fluther.

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@filmfann No, really? ;-)

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I have records of what I did, so I would have to look it up.

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It was a Monday, so I probably was at work; It was in the third week of Lent, so it wasn’t a holiday. But I would have to look at my work records to confirm, I just don’t remember.

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I can’t even remember what I was doing 5 minutes ago.

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I could probably check my Fluther response record to prove I was online at the time… Good God! I have to click back 26 pages just to find last week. This could take a while.

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March 28— I was taking care of my daughter. She was really ill with strep throat, had a fever that reached 104.6 a few days earlier, and was sleeping on the sofa sleeper all week. I remember the date because I caught strep from her and was terribly ill on our 19th wedding anniversary, which was on April 4. Those were a miserable two weeks.

Dec.4— I’m pretty sure that was the date of our daughter’s Christmas program at school.

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let me get back to you on that

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This is a pretty widely criticized Thing That TV Shows Do. Like how every bartender will remember every face, who they were with, what they ordered, how they were acting, and the conditions and time of when they left. It’s not at all accurate, but it really helps the story move along.

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Don’t have a clue.

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I looked at my calendar, and there’s nothing written on that date. So I probably spent the afternoon at home, most likely on the computer doing one thing or another (and not very much of it, either, because I was only about 3 weeks past surgery on my broken right arm). I hadn’t started to drive again yet—not until 2 weeks ago, first time since the beginning of January.

I know I wasn’t up in the morning. And I probably went to bed well before midnight after spending the evening on the sofa with Netflix. I was still on heavy meds then.

So—I didn’t go anywhere, had no appointments, was up less than 12 hours, was dull-witted and in pain. I’m pretty sure I didn’t do it, officer.

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I’ll bet a person who committed a crime would have the date stuck in their head making it an awkward moment to be asked about it. Maybe. Maybe a criminal mind dismisses those things like the changing of clothes.

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@Neizvestnaya Probably depends on how big on dates they are in the first place. Forget normal days – I can’t remember when really big, monumentous things happen (luckily, I’ve got most of them written down somewhere). Time just isn’t a big factor in my life.

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Good lord, no. I couldn’t even tell you what color underwear I wore yesterday, much less what happened two months ago. I’d have to research it to jog my memory and/or to figure out what I did that day.

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No idea. Of course, had I the benefit of a script…...

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On 28th March 2011 all I know is that I worked as usual during the day and babysat my boss’ kids during the evening.

On 4th December 2010 my dad and I went to London to see Billy Elliot.

I know this because I keep all my year planner diary thingies!

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I would have to check my diary. Not many people have memories like this

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Dec 4th? That was a Saturday. I was on Fluther all day.

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I was on a plane to meet someone important.

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The guilty ones (of one thing or another) are prepared for the question with an alibi. Innocent people who have a very full life, remember things. If it happens to be a birthday or some special occassion, but otherwise people would have to think or look it up in their diary. And if you are Marilu Henner you would remember everything from years back. Is that true? OMG!

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