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Whats your favorite Disney movie?

Asked by NostalgicChills (2774points) May 25th, 2011

And why?
Preferably a classic one.
(Lion King, Cinderella, etc etc)

Mine is The Lion King.

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I really love Peter Pan. I love that the beginning of the movie is set in London, my favorite city in the world. Plus I really enjoyed the little love affair between Wendy and Peter and I thought Wendy was beautiful. I had a Tinker Bell lunch pail when I was in 1st grade. And the mermaids and Tiger Lily are really cute too. Captain Hook, especially his voice, cracks me up. I love it when he yells to his pirate assistant, “Smeeeeee!”

I also love the Peter Pan ride at Disneyland.

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Probably The Jungle Book. Swiss Family Robinson would be a close second.

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A year ago I would have said Lion King
But now I really love The Princess and The Frog – the music is fabulous!

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The first one that comes to mind is the movie UP. Cute movie that reminded me of an adventurous girl I once knew.

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I love Aladdin. My dad took me to see it on my birthday when I was a kid. He was dirt poor and couldn’t really buy me many gifts, but that whole evening was great. The movie was totally entertaining from A to Z, (lol at the Tupperware part in the beginning) and that’s without the nostalgia behind it. It was a special birthday that made me realize a lot of things, and for the longest time after that I totally liked to think I could relate to Aladdin and his street rat status.
Plus you gotta love the genie. He cracked me up so much haha, and that was pretty sad near the end when he almost didn’t get freed, even if Aladdin promised he would. But it turned out all right in the end, so that was awesome. I also love how Aladdin and Jasmine’s relationship builds and progresses. I thought that was completely sweet. The phase between Al and the genie from slave to friendship also amazed me.

Plus, Yaggo FTW.

I’ll always love the movie, but I have two other Disney movies I really love. The Huncheback of Notre Dame is dark and mature, and I was quite amazed with it. In my opinion, Frollo is one of the most dastardly Disney villains ever. I love how he has a bit of a backdrop, and they present him as a tortured soul, rather than just a bad guy because the movie needs a bad guy. Granted, the first time I saw that movie I was all fucked on LSD haha. I was all like…that old man is actually a goat OMG okay NO. That was that part where Esmeralda’s pet goat was dressed up as a beggar lol.

I also love Mulan. It’s so epic and great. Cross dressing samurai chicks, w00t. I really love the soundtrack for it, too, one of the better Disney ones, in my opinion.

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Dumbo, for this and this.

fucking classic

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As far as the classic Disney movies go, I think I’d have to say Princess and the Frog. No matter how many times my 5 year old wants to watch that movie, I never get tired of it.

All time favorite Disney movie? Pirates of the Caribbean, baby. Johnny Depp, mmmmm.

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you copying me Again @WillWorkForChocolate???

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Snow White, for the music and animation. One of my favorite scenes

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Pinocchio, Toy Story, The Rocketeer, Who Framed Roger Rabbit.
On any day, any of those could be my fav.

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@Blueroses Apparently I am, lmfao!

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The Lion King. The songs, the feisty Nola, a hidden sex scandal, James Earl Jones, and lazy role models. My kind of movie.

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Beauty and the Beast ( the music was just magnificent )

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Mary Poppins.

Really though, there are so many good ones, hard to pick just one.

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Disney movies rank very low overall, but my first choices would be Swiss Family Robinson and Toby Tyler.

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The first dance at my wedding was A Whole New World.

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Snow White.

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101 Dalmations

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The Hunchback of Notre Dame even though it is not true to the original book by Victor Hugo (the ending of the book is farto heartbreaking for Disney – I cried for a long time after finishing that book!).

The Lion King would be my second choice.

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Coming from a kid who has seen every disney movie there is, thanks to dad (RIP) he was a disney all time fan. Every sunday after supper daddy daughter time was spent watching the next disney television special dad loved cartoons for us it was great, so in honour of the first Disney classic ever showed to me and watched with my late great dad mine has to be Lady and the Tramp :’)

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Jungle Book and Lion King.

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Definitely The Lion King. Has anyone seen The Lion King on Broadway or the West End? It’s amazing! Better than the film.

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@TheatreGirl I’ve seen it about 3 times in London. It’s awesome!

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