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Is it hard to install a new pressure hose for power steering in a car?

Asked by marialisa (464points) May 25th, 2011

I have a hole in my hose and it will cost $230.00 to replace the hose with labor. Is it really all that hard to do?

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If you’ve got the tools, the time and the chops to attempt this, then no, it’s not hard, I guess.

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Whether its a fair cost depends on the cost of the components.

How much is the part and how much is the labor? Is it a dealer part or an aftermarket part? You pay more to put a GM part into a GM car. If an aftermarket part is available, it would be cheaper. Are you having the work done at a dealer or at a garage? Do they have a minimum charge? How much power steering fluid does it take? What is the hourly labor rate? What kind of car do you have? What year? How hard is it to reach the hose in your car?

If the hose is $120 and the power steering fluid is $25, and the hourly labor rate is $95, then no, it’s not too expensive, for that service station. You could go somewhere else with a lower hourly rate, and use aftermarket parts. Aftermarket hoses are around $20, if one is available for your make and model.

I can replace a headlight on my old Volvo for about $23. My friend’s car costs $1300 to replace the headlight because it comes as a unit. You really haven’t provided enough details to say whether it’s too much or not.

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Probably not. If you can see the hose and reach it relatively easy . . . then it should be an easy fix…

I’d attempt it, especially when I’m looking at a $230 tab…

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See if you can get a Haynes manual for your car. It should outline what all is involved.

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