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What should I do with 18 issues of Omni magazine, 1978-1989?

Asked by Jeruba (48463points) May 25th, 2011

I have 18 issues of this ground-breaking (and regrettably extinct) magazine of science and science fiction scattered over the period from 1978 to 1989, including Volume 1, Number 1, of October 1978.

I don’t feel like spending the time and effort to educate myself to the marketplace and find the absolute best outlet for sale or auction to collectors. I’d really just like to get a fair and decent price for the lot or else for any individual issues that might be rare.

What’s the best way to go about finding one or more buyers at a reasonable price?

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eBay can quickly get you an idea of the market and also a venue to sell if you choose to.

Quick search for Omni Magazine

If you log in, you can also see completed auctions to see what issues are actually selling for.

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Ebay has people who sell for you (trading assistants they are called) and split the commission with you. Lots of large cities also have “bricks and mortar” ebay drop-offs where they will sell your things on ebay as well.

You can also try Craigslist. Or just box them up and take them to a flea market or boot sale spread them out on a card table or blanket on the ground, enjoy the sunshine and sell what you can in a few hours and go home.

Put a price on each one…stick a card at the engineering and/or tech department of a university near your house listing all the volumes or what you would sell them for as a lot.

Good luck.

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I’d do a quick Ebay search :)

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What do you want for them? Just curious. i loved Omni when it was in circulation. A damn shame it ended.

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I don’t know how to gauge that, @Russell_D_SpacePoet. From a small amount of research, I have an idea that someone could take the lot from me for $100 and make a good profit selling them off one by one in the right places. But I don’t know the right places, and I don’t want to make a minor career out of doing this.

So what’s a fair split between the person who owns the items and the person who’s willing to do the work of making the profit? I have no idea.

I’m thinking about @DarlingRhadamanthus‘s suggestions.

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Have you thought about contacting someone who has a sited dedicated to the magazine and asking how they would suggest selling them?

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No, @BarnacleBill, I hadn’t. Thanks!

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