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Are people too sensitive nowadays?

Asked by buster (10222points) April 24th, 2008

It seems like everybody wants to whine and complain about anything that is said. If you don’t believe in the “hip” way of thinking you are crucified. Why are these people so sensitive?

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Video games, these poor kids interact with such mind-numbing material that their brains are so stimulated it’s like the world falls-apart when they are pulled away from them. Thus, sensitivity to the real world, most likely harsh, everyday things.

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@buster: Isn’t “everybody” and “everything” too broad? It’s a big planet. And please define what you mean by “hip.”

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A “cool” way of being nagged on?

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I don’t know, but it seems that you’re too sensitive too the failings of others.

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Everyone has problems and there is enough people in this world that there can be a different set of people with a different set of problems everyday. That being said, why not show a little support to your fellow man? Everyone can use a pick me up now and again.

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People have become so PC that it sickens me sometimes. Everything from race issues to grammar Nazis.
Our morals have become skewed by the media and advertising and marketing.
There are definite differences among people and it seems everyone has lost the ability to laugh at those differences.

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why is it ok for a comedian to make jokes on stage but I can’t make a joke at the bar??

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Public school, the teachers need to punish the children.

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@judo- I concur

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Judochop said it. There’s a very thin line between PC and BS – IMO

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