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What does monogamy add to your relationships?

Asked by nikipedia (27497points) May 26th, 2011

I have been interested in non-monogamous relationships for a while. In Western culture, these are an aberration.

I’m interested in hearing what you feel monogamy adds to your relationships. Please think about what monogamy actually means, though. I think most people assume that exclusivity and commitment are synonymous, and they are not. I am NOT asking about a situation that involves many casual relationships: I am interested in comparing a serious, loving, committed polyamorous relationship (or several of them) with a serious, loving, committed, monogamous relationship.

Do you think that monogamy creates a bond that polyamory jeopardizes? Do you think monogamous relationships are more meaningful, and if so, why? Or do you think monogamy is just a byproduct of jealousy, and it doesn’t add anything positive to your relationships?

In practical terms, monogamy reduces the risk of STDs and issues of paternity, but these are manageable risks (that are also risks of serial monogamy).

And, ok, I know I already said this, but let me reiterate: if you think that polyamorous relationships cannot be serious, cannot be meaningful, cannot be committed, then you are misunderstanding the question. Please think carefully before you answer, or send me a message and I’ll try to clarify more.

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