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Sun exposure after being waxed?

Asked by kb12345 (432points) May 26th, 2011 from iPhone

Just a quick question. I just got a facial wax and I want to lay out in the sun or go in a tanning bed for a little. I know I’m gunna get negative feedback about the tanning bed but will tanning do anything to my face since I just got waxed?

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You will find that your skin is much more sensitive to the sun after waxing and much, much more likely to burn particularly around the now open follicles. The general guidance is to wait at least 24 hours and if possible 48 hours after waxing before exposing the skin to the sun.

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Most likely whatever strips were waxed will tan darker than the surrounding skin and unlike a tan that fades, these darkened areas will stick around longer. It looks bad.

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