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How many "topics" are included in your profile?

Asked by MilkyWay (13685points) May 26th, 2011

I just saw a close jelly friend of mine has more than 660!
I was wondering, how many have you got and do you actually regard them as “topics”? I mean, for example, do you consider “Mountain Dew” a proper topic?

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I have no idea.

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I have 90. Most of them are things I’m genuinely interested in, and probably about half of them are topics I feel I have enough experience and knowledge to give good answers for.

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Both of them

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9 – and they are booorrinng! I definitely have to spice them up a bit.
Menage, Absinthe, Pattaya, Ferrari, Hot and Wild, Bourbon St., Oil Massage, Tongue, Orgasm
Much better.

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@worriedguy A favorite is of mine is “i iz a grumpy pants”. thanks to uberbatman for that one :)

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I have 18 topics, and they all seem pretty legitimate to me.

Especially “Yarnpocalypse.”

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130 or so, all of them fucking awesome.

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91. I need to add i iz a grumpy pants.

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Don’t know, I pay more attention to a passing fart than I do my profile on here.
Aside from the constantly changing avatar that is.

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14 if you must know

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79 here, I haven’t added a topic in a while.

And yes, Mountain Dew is definitely a topic, a hot one at that!

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I’m surprised only one jelly has added nekked pancake parties to their topics.

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I have 38. Most of the time I don’t remember to add topics.

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LOL! Thanks guys :D

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Fourteen. I’m thinking of adding in cannibalism.

And yes, Mountain Dew is a valid topic, if one so desires. There are plenty of things in this world, and any knowledge is good knowledge. If one knows a lot about a certain thing, or is very interested in it, it should indeed count. I love all my topics, and they’re all things I’m either madly in love with, know a thing or two about, or that which intrigue me.
Granted, some of them are leftovers from ’‘location’’ before Fluther eradicated that…I don’t have much to say about France even if I was born there. But Paris has the most epic graveyard ever, so that’s good enough for me.

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Hell yeah, I know England to have a lot of kick ass old graveyards that I’d love to visit.

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