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What stereotype would you label yourself as?

Asked by Joker94 (8180points) May 26th, 2011

This one kind of describes itself. If you had to stereotype yourself as anything, what would you stereotype yourself as? Don’t think of it as a negative thing, either, this is all in good fun. I’m not perpetuating stereotypes, or trying to convince anyone to do the same, and do I think they can actually be seen as credible.

If I had to pick anything, I’d probably identify as a slacker. I wouldn’t say I’m the laziest person, but some friends and family have told me I’m a very passive person. While I dunno how much I agree with that, I do enjoy being lazy quite a bit, and tend to be very apathetic towards a lot of subjects. I will commit myself and work hard when I really need to, though.

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Gay and all that goes with that.

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Gemini’s have a split personality.

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Rude, sarcastic, and aggressively stupid.

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@Blondesjon Aw, but you’re so sweet!

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Ridge running Hillbilly.

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Sarcastic single gal. (Think Sally Rogers on Dick Van Dyke)

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Pothead Hippy Nerd :P

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Either mountain man or overly-intellectual revolutionary.

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Tattooed punk

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@tinyfaery . . . tattooed lesbian punk?

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Hillbilly Hipster.

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I don’t know, I’m all over the place. In some ways, I’m a stereotypical musical-loving gay guy, but then I match some stereotypes of bros and preppy kids…I’m an amalgam. :)

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my bad memory is keeping me from thinking of anything else

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Whatever you can attribute to a stereotypical horror fan, I guess. There must be something out there, but I’ve never really heard it. If that fails, then Goth. How ironic. Lawl.

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Frothing at the mouth atheist.

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But the child born on the Sabbath Day,
Is fair and wise and good and gay . . .

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No one can ever tell I’m a lesbian, probably because I’m not a lesbian.

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i agree, but, the tatoos and punk ‘tude make you an honorary, stereotypical lesbian.

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Intellectual Boomer Preppie wannabe.

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GA’s all around, I feel like I know even more about you guys now lol. Glad to see a nice little amount of nerds out there, and a little surprised at the stoners that are here too :P

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Token black guy. “Hey, what’re you doing, man? I’m supposed to be the only black guy at this party….” Lol! That’s from a movie.

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Hippie pothead
Peace and love…

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Also a hippie pothead.

Hi @Facade :)

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Generally, I’m labelled as a hippie, but I see myself more as a slacker, beatnik or angelheaded-hipster type of fellow.

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Others likely see me as a clown.

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@deni Hey girl ≠)

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I’m the crusty old sonofabitch who never asks no one for nothin’, has all of the answers, will cut off your head with a glare if you piss him off, and would be on my his front porch in a wooden rocker shaking my his fist at all them goldurn loud motorcycles and hotrods and litterers dumping their shit on the road at the stop sign. (Really, the only reason some of these assholes even pretend to stop at the sign is so they can dump all the stuff out the window without having it streak the side of the car. Calling them pigs is an insult to the pigs.)

My His slightly less crusty dorg, Willow (the better-looking one of the two of us them), would be more loudly complaining at anyone who thinks they have the right to walk down the public sidewalk in front of my her house.

I guess it’s a good thing that I don’t have a front porch, come to think of it.

Oh, and the ‘mushy interior’ and ‘heart of gold’ thing, well, that’s our little secret, okay? That, and the fact that I’m the only one in the neighborhood picking up the shit in the street every day, too, dammit.

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@Joker94 One of your greatest discoveries..

now, if only Freebie was still with us we could slack like true pros…

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I’m a geek/nerd.

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Anything that goes along with being and Aquarius, also a geek/nerd.

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either “condescending asshole” or “nerdy white guy.”

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Perpetual piss taker/lovable rogue

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I would label myself as a “person”. Some would call me an ex-goth with a punk haze, yet fashionable.

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Aging far-left punk rock bitch who isn’t willing to give up her 18-year-old lifestyle.

Also: cat lady.

Also: rabid academic.

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Stubborn and loud mouthed at times (I need to learn when to shut up, and pick my battles). But, truly kind.

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Just typical.

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Intelligent Jock!

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