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Un-needed inappropriateness.

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old, well-dressed white ladies who throw tantrums at quiet sushi bars because the master chef ran out of ripe avocados for their “rainbow roll.”

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Unnecessary body odor.

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Ageism, apparently.

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Attack spells…?

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People who…
-take phone calls
-crinkle wrappers incessantly
-put their feet on my chair movie theaters.

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Ignorance, crassness and banality.

But I wouldn’t push that definition on anyone else.

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I can’t quite define it but I know it when I see it.

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nothing, actually a lot of things.

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I ditto Del* dogma sucks.

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My theory is, if something offends you it must have some truth to it…
example- if someone calls a girl a slut and she gets mad then there is a good chance she really is a slut…..
Slut is just a word

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Imposing views. When people try to convince others of something that is subjective, believing one is more correct than another. In my mind that is the same as attacking another person’s worth.

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Hard-sellers. Sometimes I’m not in the market for a new religion, way of looking at the world, or long distance plan. It’s offensive enough to make one turn rude, and that sucks.

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George Bush’s public speeches.

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When someone calls me Hannah Montana. Yes, my name is Hannah.. But don’t call me Hannah Montana because everytime that happens my left eye twitches. (sorry, venting more so..)

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Ok, Hannah Barbera

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OH NO! My weird art teacher called
me that!!

Is that you… mr. Graveley!!?

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uh, uh, ahemmm, no hanny banny, I mean….

That was just bizzare

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HAHA!! Yikes! Youre hilarious.

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Closed minded people. Also, people who try to squash Christianity and the placement of God in society.

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Rush Limbaugh pisses me off more than any one human! Where does this tub-of-lard come up with his bullshit?

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the finger and rude drivers who think their driving skills are superb.

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People who treat service industry workers with impatience. We’re people too!

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That’s the worst, especially if end up going out to dinner with an ass like that.

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religious hypocrisy

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