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What is the nicest thing you've ever done for somebody?

Asked by Amazebyu (488points) May 27th, 2011 from iPhone

I was touched by some one today in a very nice way. My bf did something for me I never expected him to do. What is the nicest thing you’ve ever done for a person?

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It is a tough question. Initially nothing hit me when i started thinking on the same. I even began to wonder if i was a cruel person all the while. But after thinking for a while lots of past event started flashing by. I put mine at the time when i helped out an old guy with some yard work. I found him trying to clean his yard and i was moved by the effort he was putting into the task. I still do remember the smile on his face, when we together completed the job.
Thanks for posting this. Helped me catch up with the better “me”

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Tough question…
I really can’t think of anything.
I could tell you the nicest thing anyone ever did for me…
Well, my best friend Marissah has always been there. (Well, not always, since we only met a year ago). She lets me cry, and talk it out, when I get hurt. She always offers an opinion. And does her best with advice. She’s sweet about everything, and doesn’t judge me, no matter how bad I mess up.
I’d like to say that’s the nicest thing I ever did for anyone as well. That I returned the favor. But I’m not sure. I try.
One night/morning comes to mind… She sent me a text, and she was really scared. Her parents were fighting, and drunk. It was so bad that she had to call the police.
It was four thirty AM when she woke me up with that first text… (I’m homeschooled, so I NEVER get up early. And it was a saturday) I stayed up and talked to her until six, when she said “Why are you up so early?” Haha. Then I explained to her that I woke up when she texted me (Which I usually don’t) and stayed up, because she needed me.
“That’s the nicest thing ever…” She said before we both went back to sleep.

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I gave an old beggar some money which is just a few pesos and i was touched when he said that it was the first time in his life that he was able to get such big amount then he cried. It really did touch me.

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I saved an elderly lady from being hit by a small bus. I don’t know if was “nice” because it seemed instinctual at the time.

About 11 years ago, I was standing on the corner of a street waiting for the “walk” light to come on. It was a known busy street in my city. This elderly lady, who looked to be in her late 70’s, was standing beside me. It had been a couple minutes at most when she stepped off the sidewalk into the street. I looked at the lights which were still “don’t walk” and saw a small transit bus coming. I just stepped out, grabbed her by the back of her overcoat, and yanked her back onto the side walk. At that very moment, the bus went by with one loud honk still sounding off. She turned around to look at me ..her eyes were wide.. then she looked at the street and the small bus that was down the road, turned back to me with kind eyes and said, in a strong clear voice, “Thank you” which I then followed her across the street (to make sure she got across safely). And I went on my way as she started walking towards the main shopping mall up the slope.

And that was that :)

That’s the first memory that popped up when I saw this question; if you can believe it, I have more similar ones. I tend to be in the right place at the right time with things like this, it’s odd.

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multiple orgasms (yes I really am that shallow)

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This is very hard for me considering that I have so many nice things. I can’t remember them all.
But for all I remember one thing…
My mother had an eye operation and I was there for her all the time. I brought her some flowers and card letting her know how much I love her since I do no say it to her on a daily basis.

Also she did the same for me when I had my heart operation. I am very blessed to have a mother like her.

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So what did he do ? Share with us ^^

I thought a few guys basic + advanced things about something .. after a time they returned to say thanks and they kept coming back to ask for more advices and help.

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I bestowed the gift of life on my children…......(the wife helped….a bit.)
They have since repaid me more than they’ll ever know :¬)

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I once prevented a very drunk friend of mine from getting arrested for being drunk and disorderly by being a calming influence and convincing the officers that his wife was at home and he just needed to go home and sleep it off. They asked if I’d mind accompanying them in the police car to his house, which I was happy to do. When we were halfway there I remembered, with a horrific sudden realisation, that I had a bag of weed in my trouser pocket. We dropped my friend off, and the police very kindly gave me a lift back to the pub, whereupon I jumped out, full of effusive thanks, and heaved a huge sigh of relief…

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When our friend was arrested, tried, and convicted of rape 3rd for having consensual sex with his 16 year old girlfriend 10 days before her 17th birthday, we stood by him and the family. We paid a lot of expenses they could not afford, visited at the “big house”, mailed letters and magazines for 18 months. What a waste of taxpayer dollars.

Guys take note. Even if she is chasing you, avoid her like the plague.
I know it is supposed to work both ways, but statistically it does not.

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I don’t really remember much. I try to do a good deed every day.

But I did save a turtle from getting ran over the other day. I thought that was pretty heroic.

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Once, when I was a very (too) young married man, my (now ex) wife and I saw a young single mother asking people for money outside of a K-Mart so that she could get a bus ticket back to her parents. She reminded me of my mother, and I remembered the troubling days after my parents split up, when my mom was trying to get by with two young boys on her own.

Even though we really couldn’t afford it, I insisted we give her $50 so that she could get home. We gave her our address so she could repay us when she got back on her feet, but we moved shortly thereafter, so I don’t know if she ever tried to send us the money. I might have gotten played, but my motives were good.

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Slap someone then run away, come back and slap them again then run away. So lame.
I’m awesome, so yeah. I am so hoping that this is not in the general guideline. Since I’m awesome, I won’t bother looking.
That’s how nice I am.

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In Islam it’s said that a good deed done by the right hand, should be kept a secret from the left…
I suppose because ego can get involved and dilute the efficacy of the deed.

So… In that sprit, I don’t remember.
…however, boy do I squack like a canarie when someone else does something nice for me. :)

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I guess I am not a very nice person. Only one example came to mind. When I was in my 20’s, a friend of mine got me a job where she worked. The boss liked me, and after a few weeks, she called us both in and fired my friend! and told me that I could have her job. I felt so bad that I walked out of the job right along with her.

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This seems kind of lame, but it’s the first thing that came to mind. Hopefully I’ve done better. :/

In 10th grade, a good friend of mine lost his mom to lung cancer. Knowing that he loved shooting videos (he was always nabbing my video camera and playing around with it) but didn’t have a camera of his own, I rallied the school band (he and I were both big band geeks and the band was trying to figure out something nice to do for him) to raise money to buy him a camera of his own. He was so happy and surprised!
I also tried to be there for him emotionally during that rough time, and told him I would always listen, but he was pretty stoic. That’s just him.

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I’d say bringing that drowning victim back to life would be tops of my list. I thought he was a goner too! I do a lot of nice things all the time…I think the anonymous ones are the nicest.

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My daughter wanted a loan in order to buy a house. I examined my life, my age, my desires, my necessities and my bank book; then I made her a gift.

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Let’s reverse the question what was the best thing someone ever did for me? Telling the truth!

I think by letting someone that I didn’t love go was the nicest thing I ever done to someone.

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Reader’s Digest version:

Lady friend of mine was sick so I told her to call me if she needed anything.
I get a tearful phone call a few hours later saying her whole body hurt.
I rush to her place (already running on 2 hours of sleep) and driver her to the ER.
I hold her hand the whole time and got her water and filled out all her paperwork.
She has a fever of 103.4.
I wait with her in the room trying to keep her calm while the bungling nurses come in to run tests.
After the whole ordeal, her fever was gone, and I took her to get some food.
She didn’t want to go back to her room, so I let her sleep on my bed while I stayed up all night on the ottoman watching over her and getting her blankets/water/medicine whenever she woke up crying.
I had a huge test the next day.

When all was said and done, she was profusely grateful and her mom baked me a pan of brownies and made me a card.

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Probably my relationship was an ex. He was very young when we met and had ADHD. Everyone around him treated him like he was mildly retarded, as if he’d never be able to care for himself or be able to work. I thought it was a bunch of bunk, except the ADHD part.

Within a year the guy got off drugs, learned to cook, clean, budget, keep house, got a job, learned the difference between friends and acquaintances, learned some integrity by trial and error and slowly figured out life was really really good. We didn’t stay together but his family thank me by email at least a few times a year for saving their son’s life.

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I’m a teacher… some of my teenager students are not nice. Actually, a few of them really treat others rotten. The nicest thing I do is, every Friday, I send these kids home alive and unharmed. XD Nah…
The nicest thing I did was help a friend delouse her house and hair.

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Probably the nicest thing I’ve ever done was clean my mom’s kitchen. She had a really bad stomachache and my step-dad ended up taking her to the hospital. My sisters and I were all so afraid she might die. My stepbrother came over and he got us to calm down and we started to clean up the kitchen which is almost never done. We dusted everything and made it look all nice and clean. When my mom got back she still didn’t feel well but she really appreciated it.

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My buddy ran a slow 10 mile race. He felt bad about it. I kept silent about it on the long drive back home because it was the nicest and kindest thing to do.

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One of my in-laws recently had a baby. Due to low income and joblessness issues mostly related to laziness, none of the necessary baby items were ever purchased. Luckily state programs bought their formula. Instead of calling child protective services, which I initially wanted to do, I bought tons of diapers, wipes, bottles, pacifiers, burp clothes, you name it, this baby needed it. Blankets, a baby tub, clothes, socks.

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Is this in general? I seriously get confused sometimes what that means. I think CaptainHarley said that once. Anyway, cool answers. I especially liked yours @laineybug. lol

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