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Do women size up men the same way men size up women beauty wise?

Asked by Hypocrisy_Central (26798points) May 27th, 2011

I have always wondered how of if women sized up how attractive a man is. With men it is easy (at least for me) to determine the factors that a man will see in a woman that makes her attractive; slender waist, hourglass figure, long legs, great thighs, perky boobs (some guys like huge), full lips, junk in the trunk (nice shaped booty), long lashes, nose not too large, etc. Over the years the females I knew there seem to be no rhyme or reason to who gets the nod as hunky or horrible. Some guys the magazine say are hunky gals I know didn’t agree like Leonardo DiCaprio, Tom Cruz, Brad Pitt, Matthew McConaughey, etc. The best way I could tell from a male point of view if a guy was hunky to women is if I made them an animated Disney character would they fit as the prince that wakes the sleeping beauty, if they could, hunky, if not, something else. Women what do you look at or what makes a guy physically hunky to you?

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Physically, most of the women I know look at: butt, eyes, body tone, and hair.

What they are looking for within those things is extremely varied though.

For instance, my mom likes “manly” looking men. She likes men with longer hair and facial hair ..and just hairy in general. She likes men with “working” hands. She loves men like this guy (Sam Elliot when he’s a cowboy).
My sister is different ..she likes masculine too but she prefers clean cut men that dress nice. She likes clean, well toned, men like him (Heath Ledger).

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Of course not we are simply not SHALLOW !!!!!!!!! The most important thing is his personality

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According to my wife….yes.

We had this discussion last night. I asked her if she ever visualized what I would look like, as a senior citizen? She said, “Of course I did. I also wondered what our children would look and act like”.

Just one persons opinion. She said yes.

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I remember, at the “2nd annual XXXX Marina” party, coming in second place in the “Best Male Butt.”
Female judges and maybe some beers.

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Speaking only for myself, a great many women have told me – even before meeting – that they especially appreciate the man who can make them laugh, regardless of what he looks like. And some have sought me out simply for that reason: that I made them laugh.

The great thing for me I think is that once they see me, they laugh again. Things sort of go downhill from there on out, though. Still working on that.

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My s/o also talks about how I make her laugh. It seems to be a very important aspect.

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Most attractive qualities are a good sense of humor and self-confidence.
Physically: Great eyes, easy smile, broad, muscular shoulders tapering down to a narrower waist… hands are a big turn on for me.

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So….it is a BBQ are the gals standing by the potato salad checking out all the guys and figuring who can make them laugh the best and not even thinking about the bedroom that might be later? Are they viewing the 6’ 2” athletic looking GQ guy the same way they are viewing the 5’ 7” portly dude off who is the wittiest or funniest? If the personality rules the day how come on Fox reality show of the past “Average Joe” the Joe never got the woman even though he was more funny, courteous, better job, didn’t live at home, was not a womanizer, and more devoted to the woman? Riddle me that?

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@Hypocrisy_Central Because it’s Fox tv. And, well…look at the type of women on the show.

Any ways, I thought we were only talking about physical traits ..nothing else?

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@PluckyDog I thought we were only talking about physical traits ..nothing else? Right, you can’t see humor or wit. A woman has no ideal how witty or boring a man is by looking at him so to get to the talking point there has to be something that draws her there. The draw is usually physical, what he looks like. Some guys like the so-called Hollywood hunks have more of what women look for than the average Joe. The hunk had better guns, flatter belly, tighter butt, smaller nose more chistled jaw, etc. The same way men have there usual puch list women have to have a visual one as well.

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I think women appreciate good looks, but their main focus, the main reason they’ll really be interested is based on his personality (or money, maybe!) Guys eventually focus on a woman’s personality if they’re together long enough, but it takes longer for them.

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