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Why does "This video is not available in your country" come up sometimes?

Asked by Plucky (10291points) May 27th, 2011

Many times I will go to check out a video on a site like YouTube and I get the message “This video is not available in your country”.

It doesn’t make sense to me that one can be excluded, in this way, especially on the internet…based on the country they reside in. What is the point of blocking a video in this way? I thought that maybe it had something to do with copyright laws in Canada; but, it happens on videos that shouldn’t fall under that.

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Perhaps your country’s government doesn’t want you to see it for some reason.

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I take it you’re Canadian?

It has to do with the copyright laws of the country in which the video was made, or the producer of the video doesn’t want people outside of a particular area to access it. Usually this happens with tv shows.

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I have at least one YouTube video that has a piece of copyrighted music and is blocked in several countries.

Don’t patronize me for having the music. When I made it I didn’t know better.

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It is called censorship.
The copyright holder does not want to let certain countries watch it before financially milking it.
You can circumvent it by using a proxy server.

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Ah, see, the only time I’ve seen this pop up is when I was (trying to) see a clip of war footage from the field.

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I thought it was censorship too but someone told me that it is not censorship ..that it is the publisher setting those rules? Hmm.

Thank you for the replies :)

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