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Why can't we eat just one?

Asked by john65pennington (29168points) May 27th, 2011

I am talking about the fat foods in life. Can you eat just one doughnut? Can you eat just one potatoe chip? Some people, with a strong determination, can eat just one of just about anything and let it go at that. Unfortunately, I am not one of those people. My inner cravings will not let me stop at “just one” of anything that has to do with food. Am I overweight? Am I piggy? I am fortunate that my metabolism burns away excess fat and allows me to keep my ideal weight, at age 67. Am I piggy? Probably. If it were not for my inner weight control, I would weigh much, much more. Question: how about it? Can you eat just one doughnut and walk away?

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Malasadas, The best donut in the whole world! Melts in your mouth. The Punahou school picture cought me off guard. Didn’t exspect that on wikipedia. I always go to thier fairs just to get the Malasadas. Obama went to high school there.

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Crunch all you want – we’ll make more.

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At 67 I say enjoy food while you still have the chance! Not in a morbid way, but I know when I’m over 60 I’m not gonna give a crap about weight etc.
I certainly have a hard time eating ‘just one’ but if I’m sat next to a punnet of fresh blueberries then it really doesn’t matter if I eat more than I should :P

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Here’s a little science that’s related to this question: link

from the article:
“A recent study shows that foods high in saturated fat—ice cream, cheese, red meat—cause your brain to secrete chemicals that tell the body to ignore biological signals of fullness (like leptin and insulin). The result: you don’t “feel” full, and you keep eating. It’s as if junk food had been shaped by the forces of evolution, learning to fool humans into ever-increasing consumption. And it explains why we seem to have an endless appetite for some foods, like pizza and a pint of Ben and Jerry’s.”

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I can. If I get a flash in my head that I shhould stop, I just stop. I mentally tell myself. “That’s it!”
Even at Thanksgiving dinner. If I decide “no more.pie”. It’s “no more pie” no matter who insists. .

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I don’t really crave food. My body tells me I am hungry and I eat. But if I am not hungry I don’t think about food.

6’ and 145 pounds.

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Sometimes a little bit is all you need.

Case in point: I’m trying to eat healthier and exercise so that I can lose some weight. There’s some ice cream in the freezer from before I made this decision (about two weeks ago). Now, I paid for it, so I’m not going to just throw it away. Sometimes in the evening, I can hear it calling to me. Through the freezer door and everything. So I’ll have a spoonful. Usually, that makes it shut up. Sometimes it takes a scoop for me to get it to stop yelling. I think about how many kilometres I did on the bike that day, and how many calories I burned… a spoonful or even a scoop of ice cream isn’t going to undo that, but eating as much as I really want to would.

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I can eat just one donut, no problem, but one potato chip? No way. I don’t keep either in the house, so I control by limiting availability. For me, salt is much more compelling than sweet. I have no idea what makes one food more compelling than another, but I think it’s an individual thing. Just thinking about a potato chip makes my mouth water.

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I’m with @Sunny2. I can happily eat 0 donuts but chips, cheesies, and the like, that’s where I am the piggy with no weight control system.

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@Seelix I read that recently – about the loud voice of ice cream and how the broccoli is strangely silent. sorry if i’ve lifted it from someone here but it made me laugh

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@Stinley – Oh yeah! My ice cream yells all the time, but the carrots and lettuce never say a word.

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Great question. To jest, I think it’s against the very laws of nature to just eat one Pringles chip and that doing so would create a blackhole from inside the Pringles container that will swallow the whole planet!

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