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How can I (legally) make $6k/month?

Asked by PupnTaco (13860points) April 24th, 2008 from iPhone

I’m an illustrator & graphic artist with 25 years of experience, currently freelancing full-time. I live 1.5 to 2 hours away from any metro area with well-paying jobs.

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Throw all that to the wind and get a good webcam…. ;)

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buy cheap products from china and resell them on ebay. Sounds funny but you can make a small fortune if you word at it LOL

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I can’t stop laughing at that johnny!

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One way would be to earn royalties from an invention you patented and an investor sent for manufacturing to mass produce it for sell all over. Currently I am working with a guy from Florida who came up with a new idea which firmly believes it would be a great sell. We’ll see!! But you’ll never know if you never try

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Being an illustrator and graphic artist. Market yourself to the right clients.

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That’s the trick glial. That’s the trick.

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Sell a pint of blood every 60 minutes…

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I suppose what I was getting at is that you will have to ask yourself a few questions?

1. Are you willing to move to a larger area?
2. How busy do you stay freelancing?
3. Are you charging enough per hour?
4. Do you have contracts with clients or just 1-time customers?

No offense at all, but 25 years of experience in what you do should tell you some things.

Again, no offense questions to ask youself?

1. Do you suck at what you do? My guess is no.
2. Do you only want to work 15 hours a week? My guess is no.
3. Do you market yourself? My guess is no.
4. Are you charging enough? My guess is no.

All you are really needing to gross $6000 is 30 billable hours at $50 per hour.

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or become a 3d designer and start a business in SecondLife

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Glial, can’t move to a metro right now. I bill $50 – $75/hr depending on the nature of the project (but typically do a flat-rate Scope of Work Agreement).

I guess my snag is marketing myself on a $0 marketing budget. I’m on linkedin; portfolio if you’re interested is


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Thanks muddy, checking them out. Craigslist tends to scrape the bottom of the barrel:

“Wanted: desktop publisher with 20 years of experience. Must work on a PC. Expert-level Corel Draw. Must be able to hand-code PHP, CSS & XHTML. Must know Maya and Final Cut Pro. Help us produce our monthly newsletter. Some light clerical (answering phones, making coffee, filing paperwork). $10 – $11.35/hour DOE.”

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