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How many people are in your phone directory?

Asked by 6rant6 (13672points) May 27th, 2011

In your directory of people on your mobile phone, how many names do you have? How many of those entries are for people you no longer remember?

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How many do I have? 29.
How many do I not remember? None.

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@Seelix You said you put a name to anyone you might call back??? All 29 of ‘em?

Holy cow. I thought I was a recluse.

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I went without a cell at all until last July. I don’t find the need to call people very often.

And it’s 27 now – I deleted a couple of former classmates.

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Just under 100 and some of those are restaurants, doctors, services and co workers to reach in case of emergencies. I rarely make an actual phone call anymore because text and email are less intrusive. Everyone I know works or works and is in school or works and is running a household. I don’t anyone aside from my grandmother who will sit down and stop what they’re doing to talk on the phone.

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Just checked, 228 phone numbers .

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I have 78 numbers.

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I have 276 numbers total. Maybe one hundred of those are businesses, but I don’t really pay attention to filing them into groups (family, friends, coworkers, businesses, etc).

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I have 70 something contacts in my phone.
I remember all of them, but only talk to about 10 of them on a regular basis.

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Over 400.

About 200 are work contacts.
About 50 are teaching related.
About 50 are medical or house related.
The other 100 are family and friends of which about 25 are people I talk to within a year. I have 7 people in my favorites who I speak with regularly (3+ times a month).

And they’re not actually entered into my phone. They’re synched over MobileMe from my Mac’s address book (which is shared with 6 devices total).

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250. I think about 25 of them are people I barely know or remember.

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5…just 5. Only 3 of which are friends.

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60 – I remember them all.

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