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What is the biggest thing you are afraid of others judging you by, it could be serious or not so serious...

Asked by mooks6780 (242points) May 27th, 2011

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I no longer concern myself with the judgment of others. I try to lead a kind, generous and exemplary life and if I slip, I am my strongest critic.

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What @gailcalled said!

Yep, the beauty of ‘maturity’ follow your own path and are strong enough in your own convictions to not be troubled with what others think.

Most often our critics are secretly envious of those that have the courage to do their own thing, others opinions be damned. ;-)

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Since I’m still in the workplace and up until recently single but wanting to be partnered then how I’m perceived and judged has been very important. The most important thing has been how I’m treated on my job, it not being assumed because of what I do and what I look like that I can’t understand English well, that I must be unintelligent, not ambitious, open to males hitting up on me and ungrateful if I appear uninterested because a woman of my age, perceived status and ethnicity shouldn’t be “choosy”.

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Some of the secret ways I’ve slipped my moral compass.

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My personal tastes, and my lack of social class. Except that, the judgment of others doesn’t bother me enough to pretend that I like stuff I don’t actually like and abandon horror movies, or to stop swearing. But sometimes I do get scared of the judgment, a bit.

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