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Is E=MC'2 the most popular formula ever?

Asked by Zack_In_Black (351points) April 24th, 2008 from iPhone

I see it everywhere, people are like “oooh, does E really equal MC’2?”

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It sure seems that way. There is a pretty amazing Giorgio Moroder album named E=MC2.

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well Mariah Careys new cd is called that. So it must be. LOL. I’m guessing she is refering to the mc as her initials some how.

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Energy=Mass x The Speed of Light squared is the only formula I use when building a house! Who needs algebra, geometry, and trigonometry?

I wish I could get the formula for Guinness Extra Stout! (G=ExtSt)

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GS x 6–8 = GT = ???

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What about F=Ma? Much more applicable to every-day situations.

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Lol, you guy’s are cracking me up!

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Yes it is, this is because people who don’t know anything about physics can quote it because it is the only one they know. Just like people quote Pi when they want to sound like maths geeks.

Let’s investigate the Fluther Equation: P=5g+3q+.5x,
where P= Fluther Points, G= number of Great Answers, Q= number of Great questions and x=number of consecutive days logged in.

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The quadratic formula is stuck in my head!

X=(neagative b(+-)square root of b^2 – 4ac)all divided by 2a

How about Pythagorean theorem? A^2 + b^2 = c^2

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I think x+y=z is probably more popular. we use it almost every day when making purchases and contemplating the universe.

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A couple of other popular formulas that might just give E=mc² a run for its money…

- Formula 1

- Formula 409

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Vick’s Formula 44

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We used Circumference=π x diameter the other day, before cutting down a tree.

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And how to figure out my car’s mileage. I have to rethink it every time..

Mileage on Odometer/ gallons purchased = 21 w. Subaru (Is that right?)

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either that or bh

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What’s bh, Sleuth?

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base x height (rectangles, squares, etc.)

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pythagorean theorem is probably most popular or quadratic formula

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