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Does anyone else have a tendency toward the maudlin?

Asked by Kayak8 (16452points) May 27th, 2011

It really doesn’t matter what I do (e.g., listening to sad music, reading a sad story), I seem to have such an affinity for the maudlin. When I re-read my journal, I can make myself cry. Add my life soundtrack from my Ipod, and I am a total mess. I don’t seem to be able to help myself. Anyone else have a tendency toward the maudlin?

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I used to, especially as a teenager. I could sit in my room, write depressing poetry and listen to depressing music all damn day. For the most part, I’m not like that much anymore. I figure it was a symptom of my depression combined with the usual teen angst. Come to the bright side, @Kayak8… we have cookies, too. ;)

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I can have. I cry easily at the sheer beauty of life’s moments, at music, about animals.

Luckily, I smile easily too.

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I do occasionally, yes. But I feel better when I eat chocolate. Seriously. Come over- I’ve got a pantry full!!

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I have my melancholy moods when I am drawn to sad music, sad poetry, sad histories and sad faces. There is a loveliness there you can’t find anywhere else.

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Does this feeling have anything to do with drinking alcohol?

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