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Have you heard a recent tornado story that breaks your heart?

Asked by Cruiser (40421points) May 27th, 2011

I think we all have heard the recent and dramatic stories of babies and loved ones ripped from the hands of loved ones but this story of the puppy who survived a ride in a tornado and walked home 2 weeks later is simply amazing. What other stories have we been touched by?

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That’s the one!

Read it/saw the video yesterday! Bless his little doggy heart!
Hows the conehead Sadie coming along? :-D

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@Coloma That story tugged at my heart big time!! Sadie is doing just great!! A real trooper. Zonked out in my lap after a 2 mile walk after work! Stitches out in 3 days and no more cone puppy! Thanks for asking!! :)

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The father who was calling his son’s cellphone till it would immediately switch over to VM and come to find out he was killed from the beginning of this. Terrible, just terrible.

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Oh, the dad who found his first son 18months old dead. There was a search party out for his 3 year old. They found him later dead, face down in the water. I just don’t know how one can recover from loosing 2 boys. His wife and daughter, both injured where in the hospital but both expected to recover physically.
One child dead would be more than you can bear but two would be beyond impossible.
All I could wonder is if he even has any pictures left of them. He was trying to thank the search party and you can tell it took all he got to try to get the words out.

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I saw on the news the gramma looking for the 13 month old. The parents were killed and the gramma kept going back to look for the baby. She just kept going back to the flat house and picking stuff up. I cried when I saw it and I cried later thinking about it. I might cry again.

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This is why I don’t read the news, too much suffering to compute.
The dog story was enough. :-(

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@Coloma then you don’t want to hear the story about the dad who was hanging on to his sons legs for dear life as the tornado sucked his son through the sun roof of his truck after his 16 yr old sons seat belt snapped….the dad couldn’t hold on…. :(

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Sticking tongue out at you, making flubber noises :-/

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@Cruiser and @Coloma partner and I saw the dog story tonight. It made us both teary.

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I saw one story about a husband and wife who got caught in the storm and he threw himself on top of her to save her from the damage. She lived, but he didn’t. I thought it was really sweet that he risked his life to save hers.
After, she was interviewed and she said she would have taken twice as much damage if he could have lived.

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@beckk I saw that same interview and that and the doggy story inspired me to ask this question.

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yes. my son told me that a another teen was in a house and he ran to the basement and was alone when the tornado hit. he jumped in a chest like freezer and the house crumpled around him trapping him in it. well he was trapped for a week, and he ate the food in it to stay alive. it just broke my heart and still does to think of it. if i met him, id hug him so tight just to let him know that he was now safe. i dont know how he is, but he will always be in my mind, thoughts and prayers.

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