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Should I appeal?

Asked by johnny0313x (1855points) April 24th, 2008 from iPhone

I got a ticket a month ago. For 18 over the speed limit which was marked as max speed(??) and no seatbelt. The cop was a jerk didn’t even let me say a word. I pleaded not guilty cause I did not want points on my license. The dumb magistrate. Sent my court letter to my old address and I missed my date so I was considered guilty and got 4 points on my license plus lost $230 dollars. I can appeal it at the court house which would be $45 plus court fees if I am found guilty. I really don’t want the points cause my insurance will go up. What should I do? Just deal with it or appeal?

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Democrats = Do what makes YOU happy.

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Ouch. Good luck. With you missing your court date, chances are, they aren’t going to let you off of the hook. Know any local authorities that can write you off? hehe…

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Yeah, missing the court date is what will kill you on this I think. I reckon you’ll just have to cope with it unfortunately, your chances of a successful appeal seem slim.

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I’m not seeing the reason why you think you should get an appeal. Did you break the law? or were you driving the speed limit and wearing a seat belt? You should have thought about the consequences before you broke the law. Unfortunately, you’re not gonna be let off the hook just because you don’t want the points on your license. If that were the case, people would be driving like maniacs all the time. Speeding and seat belt laws are not there to make you have a bad day…they’re there to help prevent bad accidents.

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I agree with ccatron. The only thing appealing would do is cost you more money. If there was some additional charges added on to the ticket because you didn’t show up for court, you could write a letter and request a reduction, but otherwise, you should just pay the fine. If you don’t want points, slow down and buckle up.

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Always appeal as a matter of principle.

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