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How do you feel about your hairstyle?

Asked by The_Inquisitor (3163points) May 28th, 2011

Since grade 6, I’ve always had some sort of bangs! Over the years they’ve went from straight bangs, to side bangs, to slanted bangs… but for some reason, I can’t imagine myself without bangs even in the future! I’ve finished first year university now, which means I’ve had bangs for about 7 -ish years. I feel ‘naked’ without my bangs, (as an expression), without my bangs it doesn’t feel right. Strangely, when I’m biking, or when it’s windy, I feel like that as well! It seems I like my bangs on my forehead and nowhere else!

Anybody else who has bangs and feels strange without them? Or even when it’s blown out of your face by the wind? I feel like I look like a completely different person without my bangs, or that I look bad that way.. I’m not really sure if I do look very different though.

What about you? How do you feel about your hair? How often do you want to change your hairstyle, if only just a tad bit different than before?

I’ve tried perms, hair dyes, long hair, and now I’ve got short hair (not pixie short though). It may be hard to revert back to long hair anytime soon.

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Disclaimer: I’m a dude.

I just cut my hair this Spring after 8 years of having it in a ponytail. Never again.

Long hair is not worth it.

I must admit I rocked the tough guy biker look pretty well though ;)

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@FutureMemory, lol, I prefer short hair to long hair as well. So much more effort..

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I’ve had short-ish hair for a while now, but I prefer to keep it shorter.

I have been known to rock the fascist-y look from time to time.

Time for another cut!

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I love mine – I don’t do a thing to it except wash and condition. It gets to dry and look natural. Ever since I stopped torturing it with chemicals and heat it has looked beautiful and shiny.

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I just have long, straight, dark brown hair… and it’s easy to style etc…. I am kind of low maintenance so I guess that suits me. Usually I just get it layered a bit in the front. I used to have bangs too, but grew them out when I turned 20 and they have never been back! I have done the ‘long bangs’ style though in the past, but my hair always grows out and I leave it. Part of me would love to get something really different though… like a jagged almost-short light blonde cut! The problem is I have brown eyes and skin that’s neither fair nor dark… so I probably could never go blonde. Sometimes I feel extremely boring with my hair. I did go purple once though… that was fun. :)

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I used to have a fringe (the British word for bangs) for years but about a year ago I grew it out. I like the change but I may go back to having a fringe in the future. I can, kind of, create a bit of a sde fringe with my hair due to the way it is cut but most of the time I am ok without one.

I have long, layered hair.

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Pretty good, I guess. Now that reminds me I need to get a haircut soon.

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When I was very young I had the prettiest afro hair, it was long and think but goddamn hard to maintain.
As I grew older my hair stopped to grow. I do not know why that happened but it seems to have happened anyway. It just frustrated me so much that I cut it down to start again… but still there was no improvement to be seen.
Now I relaxed it and its like rabbit hair when wet :) its very relaxed and its easier to maintain so I am loving my hairstyle at the moment.

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I have very naturally curly hair. I’ve been letting it grow and it’s a little below shoulder length. I just have to wash it and blow dry it, it’s so easy to take care of. As far as bangs go, I have a cowlick right in the middle and bangs don’t lay right unless I round brush and blow dry and use a curling iron. Plus they look funny with a big bushy curly hair do and straight bangs. I also have a very wide forehead and bangs look weird on me.

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I’d like to keep my hair long, but about 4 inches of it is pretty damaged and needs to be cut off. My hair is also curly and baby fine, though, and I’m worried that it will look thinned out and weird if I cut too much. I’ll have to go to a stylist soon and sort it all out.

I have a big forehead and would like some fringe up front, but I’m not sure that I have enough hair to be able to pull it off, plus, having curly fine hair as fringe might look worse than what’s going on now. :(

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I’m too sexy for my hair!

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I’ve been meaning to get it cut for months now. I wanted to keep it as short as that picture of me in my profile. I can now tie it back.

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I love my hair. It grows super fast, is always healthy and shiny. For the past 20yrs then I’ve had some sort of bangs or another and a few times in between without bangs but people always sway me to put them back in. Right now I’ve got a side part and slanted bangs descending away from the part side. In the past 1½ yrs I’ve gone from hip length hair to an above the nape bob and back to mid back length hair again.

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I’ve been bald for so long that I don’t even think about my hair anymore.

The only hairstyle rule I have is that when my hair has grown out long enough to look messy, it’s time to shave my head again.

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I love my hair =)

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I shave my head, so I don’t really think about it at all. LOL

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I cut it about 2 months ago. It’s short. I miss my long hair. :(

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I’ve had long hair since I was 13, so I must like it. My hair is pretty low-maintenance, though. Plus, putting it in a high ponytail really helps complete the look for my kendo class.

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