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Is it that bad to have Redbull twice a day?

Asked by jabag11 (676points) May 28th, 2011

I’m 20 and male. and I have a 12 ounce once in the morning and a 16 ounce once at night to give me an energy boost because I have a lot of work I need to get done, So I’m wondering, is this really that bad for my health?

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Yes. Can’t you just have a cup of coffee or tea when you need to wake up? Do you really need all the extra caffeine and sugar in a Red Bull?

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Are you overweight? If so, it’s definitely bad; read the label – lot’s of calories!

Are you diabetic, or are people in your family diabetic? If so, it’s a bad idea.

Do you run out into your yard naked to challenge anyone passing close to your house after you have one? If so, you should cut back.

Do you have trouble sleeping at night. No surprise there – it’s the redbull.

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@6rant6 no to all your questions honestly. I’m 5;7 and weight 135, gotta 6 pack lol….so I’m good right?

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You could do worse.

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Well, someone in france died of a heart attack after drinking red bull and exerting themselves in sport.

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Yes, it’s unhealthy.

Thank God you’re not 19 anymore- that changes so much about your health needs!

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@ragingloli Someone in San Francisco died of drinking too much water. Everything in moderation.

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That amount of sugar is also enough to dampen your body’s immune response.

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Some have claimed that there is a link to heart disease!. And the French have gone so far as to ban it. So, make of that what you will.
Myself, I have never had a single can of it or any other brand of so called “energy drink”. I am too wary of the addictive potential of any substance that claims to boost energy levels. Apart from wholesome food that is.

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@WillWorkForChocolate of course it’s “unhealthyy”, thats a very vague answer, I’m asking HOW bad it is, in WHAT way and WHY. because honestly almost everythign is unhealthy for you exept natural things its just a matter of to what extent, I have a feeling I’m good but I wanna make sure

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@lloydbird hmmmm the french abandoned it? you mean all of france? are you serious?

and just redbull or all energy drinks like “Monster” and “Jolt” or whatever the other ones are called lol

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@jabag11 ”..are you serious?”
Yes, er..unless the link is a spoof.

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@jabag11: A very happy birthday. Too bad we missed the day. Do you feel more knowledgable than you did at 19? At least you’re still male

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@jabag11 Actually, what you asked is “IS it bad?”, not “how bad is it?” You have my answer- YES, it’s bad.

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@lloydbird I didn’t see the link sorryyy

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No problem. I wonder what you make of it.

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Yes it is, no ifs or buts. Based on what I keep learning keep away. Even juice from a cartoon is bad. Just eat the real fruit.

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@lloydbird actually I make nothing of it because I read that they also bann Kellog’s cereal !! loll

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They (The Francoimpaired) also push a lot of cheese – half the world’s varieties of cheese are made in France. So let’s not count on them to be the arbiters of health just yet.

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A few states in Germany (best country in the world, btw.) banned Red Bull because of traces of Cocaine.

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@ragingloli Dammmn, but cmon America would have found that, thats pretty serious, I’d bet my life on the fact that there’s no cocaine in the Redbull out here lol. This is the 21st century there’s no way.

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It’s full of unnatural chemicals.

The caffeine content isn’t particularly high, compared with coffee.

Why not just have a coffee and a banana? They also happen to not taste like shit or make you belch.

Support developing economies and put less mysterious chemicals into your body.

Or, keep guzzling that nasty shit. I mean, I’m a chemist, and it’s always nice to have someone to sell your lab waste to…

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Oh, by the way, I am also 20 (woooo), and I grew out of that shit years ago. Beer FTW.

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ein Flasche Bier für mein Freund hier…


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Excuse my awful German.

That’s about my limit, but do you really need any more?

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I shall forgive you this time. But, do not fail me again.

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Yeah, regular consumption of Red Bull is bad! So much concentrated caffeine- it will make you much more alert than you can be at a given energy level. So, the extreme case of Red Bull overdose would be something like , well, zombies (?!)

have plain water or juice or ginger ale :P

What about “water+glucose= energy+hydration” – that’s good enough for extra energy.

Eat healthy, have fruits daily, drink enough water and have glucose water for extra energy… Red Bull is good only for occasional consumption.

In the end, too much of anything is bad, not even water. Water only has a much higher range of “too much” compared to other stuff. As for Red Bull, you better not depend on it the way you do- any health expert would say the same about it.

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Great answers, exept, germany the best country in the world…. hmmmmmmmmm

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@jasper1890 hey, I constantly hear about how america is the best country in the world. Let me have this little bit of side stabbing pretense nationalism :P

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it’s not bad to drink two redbulls a day. there are people who consume MUCH MUCH worse.

Check out this cool Death by Caffeine Calculator and see!

I’d argue that two cans of that stuff is better than the two cup a day coffee drinkers who’s breath smells like absolute shit, and whose teeth are only a few shades lighter than the coffee . . . and once you’re done putting cream and sugar in your coffee, it’s not THAT much better calorie/fat wise!

Also, one stint of gym time I was doing, I had a big can of Monster a day for 36 days, to keep my pre-workout formula edge going, I lost weight and slept better than ever . . . so it’s not just about what you drink, it’s about your complete diet and exercise regiment.

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