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What was the most memorable dance in school for you in elementary (if you had any) Middle, high school and or collage?

Asked by Vincent_Lloyd (3007points) May 28th, 2011

Today on 5/27/11 we had heritage day or the blue and gray ball. Where we some what relieved the moment of being in the civil war and all that stuff dealing in that time period. And in the end, we waltzed, did the two-step, Virginia line reel and circle reel. It was one of the best dances I’ve been too. And I’m sure that we’ll never dance like that again…But that was memorable with me since on the first waltz I dance with my girlfriend so it was something even more special. We had a lot of fun…I wish…Honestly I could some what relive it…But what was your most memorable dance in school?

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Annual dance which was held around march. It was okay… I am person who would rather stay at home alone watching a movie than go to school dances. But since this was like the biggest thing I decided why not.
At that time I was in 10th grade, graduating and beginning in high school ;)

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I participated but I did not dance that much ^^

Though I remember most of them because we had a lot of food and drinks.

Oh the memories ..

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The one where I had my first kiss….
And I slapped the kid who gave it too me.
Oh middle school. You never fail me:)

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A computer match dance when I was a junior in high school. I had three matches. One was a senior who had been dating the same girl since freshman year, one I never found, and one was the sidekick of this guy who made fun of me all through my junior year torturing me. We looked at each other, our eyes met, and we turned away without a word.

But I hooked up with a really cool senior that I had had a crush on for a long time. We danced to the Rolling Stones’ Ruby Tuesday. He took me home after the dance, and we made out in the base chapel.

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In my Fraternity every year we had a fund raiser party for a John Wayne charity and we threw a massive party that was insane where we had over 5,000 students dancing to Shout

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I wasn’t allowed to go to dances. I think my 8th grade teacher knew this, since he’d had a few run-ins with my guardian and had an inkling of my “home” situation. Also that year, a lot of the kids in my class started getting rather nasty to me when they realized what side of town I lived on (I was bussed to school), and I think he knew this, too. All the other girls had the boys starting to show interest in them while I was made fun of for being non-developed, small and dressing poorly in clothes that were too young for my chronological age. They were what fit me, though, because I was so small then. I think he knew all this, too. Anyway.

One afternoon, before we were to graduate middle school, he held a party for our class in the gym. Then he borrowed the record player from the AV room and put on some of his favourite swing records. He danced the jitterbug with me three times. He made a point of it. And at first, the girls all smirked, but once they saw he was a really good dancer, they all wanted a turn. No, none of the other boys asked me to dance, but for a few moments, I felt special.

In retrospect, I think the reason why this has stuck in my mind for so long is that I didn’t have a father at home and the attention I got that other little girls got from their fathers was non-existent for me. I got the feeling that he cared about me, and it wasn’t skeevy or molest-y attention. I’d gotten that from other adult men, but his attention felt very fatherly, and I’m glad I was able to experience it, even if it was only for a school year.

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@aprilsimnel What a wonderful story. It would make his year if you told him the influence his caring had on you.

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Senior prom with one of the loves of my life.

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Senior prom.

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There were two: the first was the end of a teen’s retreat at our parish. A girl two years older who I kinda knew asked me to dance, and we danced together all evening. I was 15 and she was the first girl who had ever approached me. She really helped me beleive that girls might be attracted to me.

The second was at a dance I went to after the swim team end of season party. The team had gotten together for barbecue and a lot of beer, then we went to a school dance. I walked in and met a girl and asked her to dance, we danced the rest of the evening together, she was pretty special. We did date after that, but then school ended and summer separated us.

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My senior dinner dance was SO much fun. Blew junior prom out of the water. I danced with this great guy. He’s gay and I was well aware of that, but that just made it more fun. Haha

Vincent, your dance sounded like fun!

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@Mariah Yes it was very fun ^^ all the girls were in gorgeous dresses some of them were hoop some of them weren’t but most were hoop dresses. And all the guys wore pants along with either a union or confederate coat with a either a red or gold sash. It was amazing!

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It was one I didn’t go to. I did the decorations for the big Winter Carnival ball. I made large cutouts of cute Eskimos doing all the winter sports I could think of and clipped them to the fish netting around the hall. I went in Sunday morning to remove them, since that was par of the job. Someone had already taken them down. Well, not quite all of them. Then I realized that the people at the dance had taken them as souvenirs. I felt very flattered. It was a much more satisfying feeling than going to the dance.

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Civil War themed dance? That’s cool as fuck.

All of my middle and high school dances sucked hardcore. I had an absolute blast at the last two Spring Flings I went to in college. Those are always fun.

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I never went to any school dances, because my religion frowned on it. In my graduating class, there were 1000 seniors, but only 100 went to the senior dance. They were the ones people called Sosh, meaning the social class, (as opposed to the working class).

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In tenth grade we had a sock hop. No, I am not from the 50’s era! It was a retro occasion, lol. We decorated the gym, had a live band and wore 50’s outfits. I had a lot of fun. I don’t even think any boys asked me to dance, but you know how that is. If the boys don’t ask you, you dance with your girlfriends!

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I had no girlfriend and I was too shy to go to a dance. So I never did go to a prom or anything.

I did go to contradances, which were much more social and it didn’t matter that you had no date. You danced with whoever came your way.

There was one special dance called Rory Amour (don’t know if I spelled it correctly). I only danced it once on a New Year’s Eve. It was a dance in which you got to kiss every girl in the room, if you wanted. In one of the formations you leaned over to kiss the girl on your left, and then the girl on your right, and then you moved on down the line until you were between two new coupled. I probably got more kisses that night then I did for the next five years of my life.

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