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Do you have any secret INabilities?

Asked by iphigeneia (6229points) May 28th, 2011

People often ask if you have any secret skills, but I want to know if there’s anything you can’t do that people would assume you could.

For me, I can’t swallow pills whole. Many an episode has been spent with glasses of numerous beverages, my mother telling me over and over “It’s just pyschological!” that all ended with plenty of tears and a packet of cold and flu tablets spat into the bin. Here’s hoping I never get properly sick.

So make me feel better! What’s something that you really struggle to do, no matter how often you try?

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Due to my visual disability, I just cannot catch or hit a ball, even if it’s not actually moving.

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I really struggle with playing video games. I use to try to play Super Mario but I just don’t have great hand-eye coordination. Other than that I’m damn near perfect.:P

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I’m not a good dancer.

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I don’t speak another language…I would love to sign.

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My inability to say no when someone or some animal or something in nature needs assistance.

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I can’t type. I absolutely have to look at the keyboard. Takes me for-freakin’-ever to peck out a Fluther comment.

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I’m with @downtide on this one. I have an astigmatism and lack stereoscopic vision (which is why I can’t see in 3D and hope this 3D movie fad will pass). As a result, in high school, I was a total klutz in gym class and was despised by bullies around the world. I can’t catch a baseball to save my life, and I was always the last one called when choosing teams and always with the result of moans and groans by the team who got stuck with me.

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I can’t put the palm of my hand on the shoulder of the same arm. E.g., I can’t press the palm of my right hand against my right shoulder.

The closest I can get is touching that shoulder with my fingertips.

I shared this with Fluther once before, so it might be more of a very obscure, rather than a secret inability.

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@HungryGuy my school experience was the same, although I’m almost totally blind in one eye which causes my lack of 3d vision. I also hate this 3d movie fad too – the only difference I see in a 3d movie is it’s less sharp than a 2d one.

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