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A recent question got me to thinking. In your opinion, what is the best question you ever saw on Fluther?

Asked by josie (27657points) May 28th, 2011

It was this question and the ensuing thread.

Which question exemplifies everything that you believe Fluther “ought to be”. The archetype question if you will.
While you are at, what would be the worst.
Rule- It can’t be one of mine. That would be too easy :)

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That would be very difficult to have to choose just one. I’ll noodle on it and come back later.

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I have some pasta ready – you’re invited babes.

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All of the really good ones get deleted.

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I don’t know about them being the best I ever saw here, but I am personally proud of this question and this question.

special thanks to the bad mods who let them stay. you know who you are and i lurve you

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I think my favorite is still the first question I participated in that got really heated, back around Jun ‘09. Loved how Dale put the smack down on a few members that were acting like complete asses.

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Wasn’t there a thread that someone proposed on?

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Maybe you will think little of me after this, but my favorite is this.

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There have been so many great discussions; a few where the opinions remain friendly and I’m still interested in seeing new answers. I form as much of an impression about individuals from hypotheticals than from questions that ask for a personal experience.
Not earth-shatteringly philosophical, but one I found fun and interesting was about changing genders for a week.
There was another about fetishes, and an excellent thread about being effected by your first experience with death, but damned if I can find either of them.

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@FutureMemory Dude, that thread…. it’s something else.

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@Blueroses try googling the question!

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This one always gets me going.

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@erichw1504 That’s got to be the Best. Question. Ever. Seriously!

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@erichw1504 Does that have the record # of GQs?

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@Blueroses That’s a good question. There actually may be one with more. Maybe someone can enlighten us?

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I can see Josie typing right now. The jelly below me is sweet and extraordinarily attractive.

Wait… wrong question. Whoops!

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me, me, me!

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Not for all the ducks in a row.

Wait… wrong question. Whoops!

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Dammit, Josie. You took too long and ruined my JBM statement! /runs off to cry in the corner

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@erichw1504 I don’t think I should have seen that. Very disturbing.

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@josie I’m… sorry…?

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So do you suppose Janets is riveted to the trial now that they finally got around to it?

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Why am I pooping green water

This was a fun and educational experience. haha

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This one solved by JP is amazing! JP=Genius in the Fluther Directory

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@jonsblond the poopy green water question got me banned. i think most of those moderations were for me. that wuz one funny night.

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