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What's the difference between a ruby, an emerald, and a diamond?

Asked by HungryGuy (16002points) May 28th, 2011

When I google for the difference between these types of gemstones, every hit is about Pokemon. Are rubies and emeralds just diamonds with red or green pigments? Or are they each different types of stones entirely?

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Gemstones are actually the condensed essence of pokémon, so demending on which element your pokémon is, you get different gemstones.

Actually, different kind of gems have different kind of metal traces inside their crystalline structure. Just like different metals have differently couloured flames when you burn them, they result in different colours with gemstones.

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Each is totally different.

Diamond from carbon
Emerald is Beryl with chromium
Ruby is Corundum, an aluminum oxide.

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Luckily “social”

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@Tropical_Willie – Np. That’s why I always ask questions in social, even serious questions. I don’t mind joking around.

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You never know when you might learn something.

About Pokemon.

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Diamonds are disgustingly expensive
Rubies are red
Emeralds are the most beautiful of all gemstones

Those are the differences in my world. =0)

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I dunno, you keep the emerald & the diamond & i’ll sleep with Ruby!
Grouch Marx answer….probably.

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