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Are there any cuss words you use only when you're by yourself?

Asked by 6rant6 (13672points) May 28th, 2011

Are there any words or phrases you say aloud when you’re alone that you don’t say when someone else is there?

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Yes….. I say just about everything when I am alone. Especially if I stub my toe. Sheep $%&ing mother%%*%er!!!!! Who knows??

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What the bloody butt fuck?
See why I don’t use that one in public?

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Yep and it’s one of the seven items on my list of things that I don’t share with others.

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No, as a non-cusser, I don’t even think cuss words.

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@everephebe Can’t stop laughing…

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Naw, I use everything in private that I do in public.

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Aye, mostly really cheesy ones, almost cute ones, that I bet most people would prefer I use in public, rather than the violent, crude and disgusting ones that people always hear me say.

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Nah, i’m an equal oppurtunity swearer. Every fucker gets to hear the sweet sweet sound of a twat/cunt or a bastard….excluding the kiddies naturally.

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Speaking of cuss words, I just heard a funny way one TV writer came up with to get around the censorship. Instead of saying JackXXs or XXshole, he had his character say “That guy is a real Jackhole.” A neat way to cuss without cussing.

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uh, that’s not what jackhole means. you just inadvertently wrote something quite dirty. kind of like when someone says ‘skeet skeet’. it doesn’t sound dirty but in reality it’s dirty as hell.

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@Blondesjon I think you may hav a dirtier mind than most. “”: says pretty much what @YARNLADY does. Maybe you need to add a new definition?

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@Blondesjon If it was as bad as you say, it would have been bleeped or eliminated from the sound track.

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@Blondesjon I want to know what it really means pleeezzz…

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