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When I restore my Time Machine backup to a new Mac, will my licenses still be legal?

Asked by wilhel1812 (2872points) May 28th, 2011

I had a lot of licensed applications on my old Mac. When I got a new Mac I restored the whole thing from a Time Machine backup. All the applications is of course working, and I don’t need to verify or enter any serials for the new computer. Do I have the legal rights to keep using these? What if I keep using my old computer in addition to the new one? Where’s the line here folks?

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I believe it is YOU who owns the rights, so any machine you own you can use it on. Don’t quote me on that but I think it’s right.

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With Mac apps, the basic idea is that you could back up your entire applications folder to a DVD [etc] and then plop them onto your other Mac and everything is viable. Copasetic. Good. Awesome.

Welcome to a world where you don’t need permission to take every step.

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If you want to really technical usually it is some where in that massive license you always agree to or is included with the software. Like @FPSMadPaul said, I am also pretty sure that if you buy the software, you have the right to install it on all of your computers (Macs in this case) that you own (not your cousins, not neighbors, you get the point.) I am not 100% sure and it may vary between from software to software.

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